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I'm feeling pretty lucky because I have awesome friends and many fun and funny nieces and nephews!


I'm lucky/blessed to have such a wonderful family!

Kelly Mills

I'm a little late (March 18th) but I'm sitting here drinking coffee, while my family eats breakfast, and gets ready for their day. So lucky or blessed? because I'm sitting here drinking coffee while my family eats breakfast and gets ready for their day... We waited a long time to have a family. But God being in control knew exactly what he was doing. By the time we had a baby (now 15) it was possible for me to quit my job and stay home with our baby. In that time, our family grew by two more when we became guardian of our niece and nephew, it was such a blessing that I was a "stay home mom" they needed so much, and we were lucky, blessed, and thrilled that we were able to give them at least that much. So there you have it, coffee, bacon, lunch boxes & a stay home mom... Life is good!

Anna-Lena Blomkvist

I fell lucky every morning when I wake up with my family.

And every day when I can be inspired and creative is the biggest blessing and it really makes me feel lucky:-)


I'm lucky because I'm Irish :) and we had the most fantastic (totally unseasonal) weather here for the annual parade! I'm lucky also because my children were able to take part in it, and I was the proud Mom taking photos!

Amber Smith

I'm lucky to have wonderful neighbors with lots of children for my little girl to play with!


i'm feeling LUCKY!!!!! i feel MOST lucky when i look at my kids. Please, oh PLEASE pick me!!!

Jessica Turner

I am so blessed to have an awesome family and a job.


My husband still has a job and we have a roof over our heads, food on the table, 4 crazy kids. I guess I am pretty lucky. Thanks for the great giveaway, Heidi!

Anne in Scotland

I am lucky because I found the man of my dreams and I now have 2 gorgeous girls. I worry that I sometimes take all this for granted but I am SO thankful.
And today, I am also lucky because it's a fantastic sunny day outside and I have finally managed to print off some House of 3 pages that I bought, onto transparencies. Those slippery surfaces defeated me 'til now!! No holding me back now though .....


I feel lucky since we made it through the cold and flu season without anyone getting sick. With 3 kids that is a huge triumph!!


I am lucky that I have two beautiful, loving and talented children!

Sarah L

I am lucky to be expecting my second child this summer!!


I'm lucky that my hubby is such a great day, and willing to take the kids off my hands when I need a break!

Just saw (some) of your invisibles at my LSS and they are SO cool! Thanks for the giveaway!!


I'm lucky (my dad says "fortunate") to have the opportunity to be in law school, and to be able to fit in time to be creative while I'm doing it! I believe that I'm becoming a better person in the process - learning to live a balanced life and to honor and enrich BOTH my analytical side and my creative side!

Lynn Judge

I have a lucky penny - does that count!!

Holly S

If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all...I too do not believe in luck...everything happens for a reason and we may not know the reason at the time but it will eventually be revealed!

Thank you for the fantastic giveaway!


I am so lucky to have good kids, a loving huband, and that we have a job (not everyone does these days)! ~TanyaS

Korey Lindberg

I am lucky to have a happy, healthy family to love!! Happy St. Patty's day!!!


Well to be honest things havent been all that lucky lately... lots of dramas and illness in my family, money problems and general stress. BUT through it all Ive been blessed with an amazing hubby, 2 gorgeous wonderful kids and Ive been fortunate to have the awesome hobby of scrapping to keep me sane!

elizabeth holder

I am feeling lucky
to spend some time in my scrap space


I feel like I'm lucky to be living the life I have...I'm so thankful for such a fabulous family and great friends...couldn't do this without them. :)

Monica G

Being surrounded by my family makes me lucky! I really enjoy spending time together with them and the past few days we have finally slowed down enought to be able to enjoy each other! How lucky!


I'm going to cross my fingers and maybe my toes...lol...that I'll make it to the Creative Escape this year.


I'm lucky even though it isn't St. Paddy's day anymore!

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