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Cindy McDannold

I feel "lucky/blessed" to be able to realize the good and the not so good person that I am. I appreciate learning a lot about my inner self and growing as a mature woman.


After a tough night putting my 3 1/2 year old to bed, I am trying to remember that I am LUCKY to have her to struggle with! :)


I am so lucky to have a wonderful husband and great kids!!!!!

Nancy Wyatt

I feel lucky (blessed) to have such wonderful inlaws! Getting married for the first time at 40 was amazing! And along with a hubby comes a family, and for me it was a great family! So, I'm so lucky to have them as my family!

hugs from Conroe TX!


I'm feeling lucky because it's sunny and mild and I can smell Spring in the air...


i was just looking at a photo i had taken in ireland of an abandoned house with empty potato fields behind it. my relatives came from that area of ireland and somehow made their way to this country. how lucky am i?

Cassaundra Lala

I am lucky for so many things. It would take forever to list them all. My most important piece of luck...having God on my side.

Ginger Roberts

I am a very blessed (lucky) lady! I have an awesome family that loves one another deeply. I have an amazing husband! My best friend is my mother. She inspires me daily to reach for your dreams and make them happen. Then I have all my scrapbooking friends to keep the creative juices flowing inside my head. AND I have my lucky Irish ancestors.

Tamikko Gordin

I am lucky (blessed) to have two healthy children after two awfully unhealthy pregnancies. I had pre-eclampsia twice and almost died. My body has been pretty wrecked and I'm still battling to get myself healthy. They are 4 and 18 months and I wouldn't take them for granted for the world :)


There is no luck about it GOD has made it all possible! With him all things are possible. See ya in August!!


I feel lucky & blessed to have a family who is healthy and friends that I enjoy. And for my internet connection to leave this comment in hopes I win! :)

Catherine Scanlon

Thanks for offering us the chance to win some of your new goodies. I'm lucky that I have a warm and comfortable place to live, that spring is just around the corner and I have loving family around me!


I feel lucky today, because it is a gorgeous day out, spring is around the corner, and I have lots of other things to be happy about!
And just think, soon you will be lucky too, when you get reunited with Target!


I am lucky. My husband and I are both employed and we love our jobs, our children are happy and healthy and we live in a wonderful family rich community. Now, if only my name will be drawn for CE, it would be my 4th time going. Then I would really be lucky!


I am lucky cos this is my day.

I love all things green and today of all days in the year - just makes my world go round *LOL*


I am lucky to have the love of my husband and my two boys. I am also lucky to still have a job!

Thanks for the reminder to count your blessings.

Becky T.

I feel "lucky" to have a wonderful husband, 2 great kids, both our parents, and my grandmother still! Health, happiness and family are my lucky things! :-)

Lindsey Trego

I am lucky to have health. Supportive family and friends. Living 5 minutes from the beach. My faith in the Lord!


What makes me lucky,"blessed" is that I have worked very hard to have the job I have and in this economy. I am lucky enough to be above water and taking care of my family with out help from the goverment.

Susan L

I feel so lucky that I have a good life, and that it includes the great hobby of scrapbooking! :-)
Thanks for the chance to win new HS goodies!

Jessica Stoops

I am lucky because I have a great family, wonderful friends, good health and a fun dog.
I thought the invisibles looked very cool, I would love to play with them:)
Have a great day Heidi!
Jessica S.


I am super lucky. I have too many reasons to write but the most recent reason I am so lucky is that I stumbled upon the house of 3 website and your blog. I am truly addicted! I am lucky to be blessed with wonderful friends and family that love and care for me so deeply. I am lucky that I am going to be marrying my high school sweet heart this year (only took me 9 years of convincing lol). I am lucky that I have a secure job in this tough economy. I am lucky that I have God in my life! I am most lucky that I can in fact realize all of these things. Even when times are tough, you have to think about the good things! A quote that I love "Absolutely NOTHING can ever happen that can't be seen as a blessing in some wonderful way" Happy St. Patricks day!


Not so lucky that I wasn't one of the first 100 for the blog background and brushes, but feeling super lucky to go see Jesus Christ Superstar in DC tonight!


I feel "lucky" to be a mom!

Katherine McKamey

I'm lucky/blessed because I have a wonderful husband who has filled my life with possiblities and a pair of amazing twins! : )

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