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linda lum debono

Is this contest over or am I the first? That would be a first! ;)

I need a new purse and my birthday is coming up. I hope that you pick me!

Thanks and all the best.


i don't own one single yellow thing - pick me pick me!!

Jackie, Pearland  TX

Wow - I am feeling so lucky!! Yellow is my favorite color too, did i mention how much I am in need of that bag. 'How cool is that!'. I Love all you do, thanks.


pick me - i don't own one single yellow thing!!


That joke is hilarious! Loved it!!

Super cute purse!!

Jackie, Pearland  TX

oh oh, almost forgot - my scrap room is yellow w/black just like the pic and 'cute thing'. I am ready to celebrate with that.


LOVE IT!! Please pick me!!


Have loved all the pics of the various "markets"...makes me want to visit!
Good luck with all the packing. I hate moving from house to house, much less continent to continent (lol)!!!!


Can I really be the first to comment????? That purse is ADORABLE!! Here's wishing you and your family all the best in packing and coming back to NA. WOW - I have loved reading all about all of your adventures. Good Luck next week! I'll be thinking of ya!!!!

Kim Jones

Gorgeous purse - perfect for spring if it ever gets here! And you do look like Alexis Grace!


That joke was cute!

I'd love a fun new yellow bag!


Oh I so needed that little story today!! Love the purse!!


Oooooh, oooooo, pick me. I have recently fallen in love with this shade of yellow. I need it and I want it!!


oh! I LoVe that purse! So cute. & thanks for the good laugh. I needed it tonight!


it is fantastic!! I would LOVE it!


Eeek! What an amazing bag! I would love to have it as my first spring accessory!


That purse is to die for! Fingers crossed!!

Louise Dubord

Love the story! This purse is soooo cute!


LOVE your new blog look...such gorgeous colors! Just like that purse. :)


Dear heidi I am a handbag junkie and I cant get enough of them, they are my life line to being organize and fashionable is just the added bonus love the colour!


Oooo that purse is so super cute!

I think you should try the pink! Who better to wear pink highlights than Heidi Swapp???


A funky yellow bag !!! You gotta love it. Inspiration for spring. Brings a smile to my face (plus the joke is a goodie too).

Stephanie Cunningham

How could you not love that bag??? Hello it SCREAMS yummy fun!!!!

Kristi B.

I absolutely love that purse! adorable and so happy!


ME...ME...ME...Pick me!! I love purses and I have to tell ya that I do not have that color!
I liked Alexis too, and you guys do kinda look alike!


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