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Tammy Perkins

The mistake is puffyness - should be puffiness - love your blog :)

Jamie {inspired mess}

Also should be "principal" ;)

Deb Beschler

Hi Heidi! Got one more small typo: "Hooray" not Horray. Love ya!!



I think the misspelling is "horray"...should be "hooray" :) although you did mention that you stay up too last (late?), but I think that is just sleep deprivation :)


Would that be the o in horray? Hurray!


Horray is supposed to be spelled hurray. Oh well, your teacher's gifts are awesome!


Sorry to point it out, but it's Hooray!!!or I suppose it could be 'Hurrah'- I think that's acceptable too!


"Horray", I caught it! :) I'd probably do the same thing!


I think its Horray also! :)

cute gift ideas!

jennifer l

we get out tommorrow for the summer, too.

Nancy Lynn

Barnes and Nobel should be Noble........ I also noticed the pricipal and puffyness. I love your blog. Nancy

Colleen F

You spelled pricipal, it is supposed to be principal. Puffyness should be puffiness, and finally horray can be either hurray or hooray, both spellings mean to express joy. By the way as a teacher I would love any of your thank you note cards. Thanks for remembering the teachers.


Very nice, love the child face embellishments


I am in the same boat, I have mess up spelling stuff tons of times.

Nancy Lynn

When you were talking about staying up too "last" most of the time......should be "late". Nancy


oh- i missed it... but i'm very bad in spelling, it doesn't metter if its english, swedish ore german...
and we have ONE month left to go... untill "school out", no... more... 6 weeks... not funny...
have a nice day.

Angie Johnson

I love your blog! You are so down to earth. No worries about any spelling mistakes. I stay up too late also, between that and speed reading I would probaby never catch them. Thanks for the cute teacher ideas!


I didn't catch any typos... I'm an engineer and spelling was never my strong point... but I would love to win a teachers kit!


i love your blog..and ALL your mis spellings! It makes it more like you are just talking..my blog is full of errors..oh well!
enjoy summer..thanks for the ideas..i do like to get them pedis..it makes for a small gesture while means MILLIONS!


Great kit and some really great suggestions...now I know what my kids' teachers are getting next week. Thanks!


Thank you for this post, it has lots of great ideas. What an adorable kit!


I also like to give teacher's gift cards to Target - because who doesn't love Target? It's also fun to give them tickets to something (ex. an MLS game for the soccer fan or MLB for the baseball nut...)Another treat idea is a sun tea jar filled with different packages of teas/mixes.

Adrian V.

I've done Michael's gift cards, personalized journals and candy!

Jenny Alfonso

I love giving Target gc's. It's so easy and everybody loves Target!


Oh I really liked the magazine idea...very cute. I might just copy that idea and attach a gc (I'll probably do a Starbucks or something). Thanks for the fresh ideas!!

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