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Michelle Aguilar

oh I know, as duh I read this and now found the typo, you typed about staying up last but, I think you met late but, last is the last one in your family to stay up late, so maybe you meant to say that. LOL
Life is fun huh?
you could always find typos in my emails especially but, I am writing a book, so none there. When I write letter being professional, i do a great job also. LOL

take care

Lori S.

I just wanted to show you my Teacher Gift Idea for this year! It turned out so cute and I knew you would love it because it was yellow...(I too have been twitterpated over yellow this season!!) Anyway, I am always looking for clever ideas and I know you are too! Here is the link...hope you like it!


Debbi Clouser

Oh my goodness - I think there are a lot of teachers reading this post and they're catching all the spelling mistakes! Love your post and all the great ideas.

Lisa Smusz

Super cute ideas! Thanks for Sharing.

I've made these "Teacher's Night Off" kits for several years now and the teachers always love them and say they actually use them (they don't need another coffee mug with an apple folks!) :-)

See full posting for Instruction Card, Photos, and full description: http://slackerlifeguide.blogspot.com/2009/06/slacker-suggestion-4-saying-thank-you.html

1. Buy the following supplies: Popcorn boxes (from a party store or theatre concession stand), box of microwave popcorn, boxes of movie style candies (I got Jr. Mints, etc at Safeway), Gift Cards for local video store or Netflix, pkg of yellow tissue paper, and "best teacher" ribbon or button.
2. Unfold the popcorn boxes and place yellow tissue in with edges sticking up. Fill with 1 box of candy, 1 video club gift card, 1 bag of microwave popcorn and "best teacher" ribbon or button.
3. Fill out the "Teacher's Night Off" instruction gift card (doc is posted on this blog for your use) and secure instruction card to gift or tuck inside. Write name of teacher on popcorn box.

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