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i always have each child write a thank-you for being my teacher note and enclose it in a hand-made ceramic tile that i paint a monogram on or a set of coasters...because we all know teachers need a stiff one after the school year is over!!


Love the cards (how do you get the words in the bubble?) A good teacher idea is to cover a clipboard from staples in some fun paper add some ribbon...the teachers love these.

Jaime Benavides

Love your ideas, of course! They're awesome...Can't wait to get this cute kit! Question, though. What width is the tulle that you use in your projects? I've been wanting to purchase some and I noticed they have it in 3", 6" and so on, so I was just curious...Thanks, Heidi;)


Love this kit....it is too cute. If I don't win, I still plan on purchasing it! Fun stuff.

My favorite thing to do to thank the teachers is to personalize clipboards. The teachers I have done these for in the past have LOVED them!!

Thanks for a chance to enter!

Kim Brown

How about a pedicure!!! Wouldn't that just feel great after being on your feet 9 months out of the year?

Robin A.

Well, first of all I'm a teacher myself and you are so thoughtful to even think about doing all of these things for them! Maybe I should move to AZ so I can have a Swapp kid in my class? (wink) Either that or you can send the memo to my kid's parents! :)

Gift idea - a massage! Ok...so that's a little expensive! We can dream though, right?

Robin - Dallas, TX


I always love to give a pot of Gerber Daisies. So cheerful and fun!

Amy Coose

I am a teacher, so I always make sure to let my kids' teachers know how much I appreciate all they do for my kids. I always give a GC to their fave store, but I love the mag idea!

Thanks for the chance to win this fab set!

Jeannine B.

One of the mom's at our school collects money from the class, then purchases a really pretty outdoor hanging plant. She then takes the rest of the money (gets one dollar bills) and creates dollar bill "butterflies" that she attaches all over the plant. It turns out so cute - and I'm sure the teacher appreciates the cash - and the plant!


Love the ideas. My oldest starts school later this year so for his preschool teachers I have made cards with this quote I read somewhere.

"A hundred years from now it will not matter the sort of home you lived in, the kind ofcar you drove or what type of clothes you wore...

but the world will be different because you were important in the life of a child."

Stefani Meyer

My next door neighbor's last name is Horray! I always love it! Even though it's not the exact spelling I feel like it's like a party everyday for him! LOL!


Today is my son's b-day. Lost him yrs ago. Grateful for a religious, kind, all-day K teacher who took my youngest son under her wing and was there for him while his mom was dealing with grief. Then i went to work for her a year later.
Here's something she told me she loves to receive as a gift:
COLLECTIONS OF HOMEMADE CARDS that she can use to write notes to parents, etc. Many teachers don't have time to make those but they like to send a personal touch to others...it gives them creative ideas as well.


I love gift cards for the teachers like Dunkin Donuts, Target or Barnes and Noble.......... enjoy summer vacation!!!!!

Regina Jones

that kit is too cute...love what you did with it. I made a little acrylic/chipboard album for my sons teacher with photos of the class that I have taken this year.

Shannon Cummins

Awesome projects... Teachers love gift cards, I know because I am one...

Michelle A.

what an adorable set! awesome gifts too... I like to give gift cards or pretty a notecard set....thanks for the tip on the cooling eye masks...off to get some ;)

miss h

School's out already??? I still have another month to think about teacher's appreciation gifts, but I'm liking the Hof3 kit a lot.


I like to give movie tickets. Thanks for all the great ideas.


Remember the bus drivers too! I think I'm gonna put a Subway gift card in-the teachers are getting stationary, I love the chocolate idea for the front office gals-maybe stamp or wrap some patterned paper around it?! We'll see.....


Here's my teacher gift idea: I'm making altered lunch boxes with big flowers on the front. Inside will be a file system of sorts that acts as a "Teacher's Assistant." Tabs will include the following headings: email addys, website addys, substitute teacher info, ideas for field trips/special events, stickers, etc. and I'm going to also include a gc for Dairy Queen or some other yummy ice cream place. Cuz, it's summer and who doesn't love ice cream!!!!!!

april jaehn

Hello ms. Swapp, I love Erika's idea of the altered lunch box!! Very cute: )
My little one is finishing lower elementary in the Montessori program and I've been wondering what to do. Thank you for the kick in the pants : )


I bake cookies, and put little toppers on the bags. They are usually a hit, and because I make soooo many, they turn out pretty cheap, too!


Ok, I think I read so fast, I miss the typos!
Love these ideas. I just made a cookbook for teacher appreciation week. Friday I need to give her a bday gift from the class and then June 4, a class gift for the end of the year. Have you guessed that I am the room mom?!


For my daughter's Kindergarten teacher, we are giving her a sweet note to let her know how great she has been all year. Also, a little picture frame from Michael's, some makeup bags that will come in handy when she travels this summer, 2 OPI nail polishes that came in a cute little pink case (they were Mother's Day specials at Ulta so I thought they would be great teacher gifts) and a decoupaged clipboard. I got everything on sale or used a coupon and then decorated the clipboard.


I'm doing an 8x8 album for our teacher with 2 pages from each child. I sent the papers and insructions home with each child so we can give it to her on the last day of school!

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