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One of the best LDS-gym reception transformations I have ever seen, just wish floor covering too? Looking forward to more pics!

You do NOT have a button with your cartoon face....stop it!

Mary Mitchell

Wow !!! I had to make a print of that transformation. It was fabulous. I would agree that covering the floor would have been the final touch. Having a daughter who is 19...I'm now collecting wedding ideas to have ready for any future engagements. Hopefully I'll have a long time to plan.


I have no idea what planet you came from but you are absolutely amazing. I have spent half my work day with my jaw wide open, gawking at everything; even bought some stuff from House of 3 simply becasue I feel in love with it all. Amazing!!!!


alright, so what's the trick to getting good lighting in an LDS cultural hall??? you obviously know the tricks!!! DO SHARE!!!
this is totally amazing! man, the things people come up with nowadays... thanks for sharing!


i love that the little girl in the photo matches the chairs. :)

KJ Miller

That transition was outstanding. How fun for you! Question: I could not see any credit to the musical group that recorded the music that plays on his website and while her engagement photos were showing. Can you find that out? I have to have that music, I instantly loved it. I want to by a CD by the group. Hope to see some of the great photos you took of them.


Beautiful Photos of a wonderful event!


Thanks for sharing Heidi! My favourite part of the transformation has to be the ceiling - it looks gorgeous!


Who would ever believe?
You are amazing!
Thank you for sharing. This is the perfect example of a picture is worth 1000 words.



ummm, wow! This is a beautiful, no balloons in the basketball hoops, it's ugly but it's free reception here! I didn't know this was possible in our cultural halls! Amazing! Nice pictures, too!

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Wow !!! I had to make a print of that transformation. It was fabulous. I would agree that covering the floor would have been the final touch.Thank you for sharing. This is the perfect example, picture is worth 1000 words. Simply outstanding !!rings

Carissa Arnold

Wow this is amazing!!! Who decorated this? I'm getting married in February and this is EXACTLY what i had envisioned for my reception!!

Carissa Arnold

my e-mail address is carissa.arnold@gmail.com =)


Do you know what they used to hang the fabric?

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