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bren yule

Heidi, I wish you the very best with this new chapter in your life. I have been a big fan of your contributions to the industry and have several of your goodies in my happy scrappy place. Your creative mojo juices will follow you. Change is good and inevitable. Your fans await your next adventure. hugs, bren


Wow, on 'the move' again! I truly admire the strenght you have (yes, as well as your creativeness!!!) and wish you and the fam. good luck!!! Hope you'll be having a great studio again in your next home?

Heather Bailey

My prayers are with you next week, hauling your family northward. Best of luck & be safe. And help me know what to do for poor Emily who is very, very sad to see you go.


Quite exciting things going on around you! I´m really curious what inspiration you get by this new chapter and hopefully share with us :o)
I wish you and your family all the best, good luck!


What about Cafe Rio? Everybody always talks about that.....

Wow! What a life. Best with the Mooooooove.

Holly Thatcher

My favorite scrapbook store in Utah is:

Paper Creations
1140 E Brickyard Rd, Suite 30
Salt Lake City, Utah 84106

Did your husband serve a Chinese speaking mission? That's great that he is able to go back and finish at BYU.


Heidi So happy things are working out for you the way they are supposed to. Good luck with the move and getting settled.


I think you are amazing and such an inspiration to us all. I am excited for you and look forward to what the future brings in the world of scrapbook for us all. What experiences your children will have and remember and that is most important.


You just totally blow me away! Good Luck hang in there you can do "anything" just remember to also find "Heidi Time"! Hugs Grace XOXOXOX


Love you...excited you're coming...praying for the best for you and your darling family...
Kiss kiss

Stacy B

Pizza benders rock!

Jaime Benavides


Wishing you and your family the very best in the next chapter of your lives. It sounds like the Lord has a definite plan for you and he's leading you along his path.
Luckily you already have family and friends surrounding you guys over there making your transition a little less stressful. Good luck, be safe and happy travels!



I have been a huge fan of your products since the first chipboard letters I bought! Every year I always look forward to seeing your new stuff. And always have to have ALL of it! Every layout I make has something Heidi Swapp on it. I finally got to meet you at cha last summer. I had just started an online store.
My dream has been to work for you or someday have my own product line. I will be at cha in a few weeks, I'll miss seeing you and your new stuff, but I am loving House of 3. Before House of 3 I had never tried anything digi before, and I'm getting hooked!
I want to wish you the best. you mentioned that the Lord had His hand over you. That's the best place to be! The Lord can do amazing things through us, if we let Him! I love that you talk about the Lord on your blog. That is an awesome thing to share about the Lord!!! I pray the moving and adjusting goes great and safe and that the Lord blesses all you do.

Kerry Stong

Heidi, when I think of you, and the women you will be living close to, it makes me want to move to Utah. The creative enery when you gals get together must be crazy great! God bless as you follow this path.

ps i'd want to take the pool too ;)

pps keep rockin' at the Hof3 I can't get enough of those downloads and will be using the wall art soon (redoing my lil' girls room)


Heidi, I so admire your strength and your spirit and your ability to rely on the Lord. I am a control freak and probably wouldn't be able to deal with all the change that you have in the past few years...you are amazing! Good luck with the move and I hope you and your family settle in quickly!!

xo Tal


yay! i hope you will be teaching classes around here. i live in park city and i wish we had a scrapbook store that you could come teach at, but i am willing to travel. also, we are heading up to lagoon today. i agree, it is so much fun. good luck with the move.


wow girl! good for you...i hope you have a safe and easy move!!!

love that you are following your creative spirit...i've always love the Heidi Swapp products and now I am SERIOUSLY ADDICTED to House of 3!

Have fun

Rhonna Farrer

you know how I feel! soo excited!
hugs & can't wait to SEE YOU!


Wow...best of luck Heidi to you and your family for this move. Seems like you just got back from China...time doesn't stop for anyone or anything...does it? So glad things have fallen into place for you...that's why I'm a big believer in "things happen for a reason"...we may not know the reason at the time...which can be stressful...but if we embrace the belief that "this too shall pass" then the reasons show up so much faster for us. You amaze me with your energy as a mother alone with all those beautiful kids...let alone trying to keep your creative business ongoing. Your are right...follow your bliss...do what makes you "creatively" happy and not what the industry demands. After all...creatively is about "experiencing" new things and not following someone elses rules...YOU GO GIRL...safe travels.
Fondly, Roberta

Kim H.

I live near the base of Big Cottonwood Canyon too! Maybe we are going to be neighbors. It's a great place to live. I love it! It's really close to the freeway and we are literally in the middle of Salt Lake, so it's usually 15 minutes in either direction to get places. If you need anything, I'd be happy to help. I'm really good at cleaning, unpacking and making your chocolate chip cookie recipe. ;) It's my boys' favorite. You can email me at [email protected].


Congrats! That puts you practically right next door to me (at least when you visit the cabin) :) And reading your list reminds me of all the things I love about where I live. But I still need to try the Pizza Benders!

Marian H

Yea, we'll be neighbors too. I live at the base of BCC too - and I can't believe I have found someone else who loves Pizza Benders and Hires. Good luck and I hope to see you around.

Michelle Aguilar

Oh that is great Heidi! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your whole family! I think your children are pretty content just so they have your both as parents!
God gift to you is your talent, if you create or not! You will come back when need be and for now Family has and always will be first!!!!
Bless you heidi in your adventures!!!
And to live by Liz and margie, no words to describe the fun you will have!!!!
take care and we will miss you here in Arizona(I can't get out all my life here, LOL) but, you will be back for CE and I am sure times in your life!!!!!


Thanks so much for the reminder that we listen to what our souls need. I have been a sahm for the first time EVER for the past few months and while I love it, you reminded me of the importance of being active with our families and not just there :)
Good luck to you and yours :)

Brittany Homen

WOW! That's fabulous!!! Wishing you and your family a very safe and happy journey. Keep us updated with all your new adventures in life!

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