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I wish you the best in Utah!!! Can't wait to see what you come up with next...no matter what it might be!!

Jen Seidel

Moving once again...goodness...that IS too bad you can't take that beautiful backyard with you! :)
I love Park city as well! Soo gorgeous! I drove through SLC and PC and omg, breathtaking! And that mormon temple is so beautiful! Enjoy your time in SLC! And I'm sure you will continue to do great creative inspiring things for us in the years to come! I love your brand (digi and regular) and you're super awesome!


Best of luck in SLC Heidi. Your adaptability has always inspired me. Just read this today:

Success is never found.
Failure is never fatal.
Courage is the only thing.
-Winston Churchill


wow you are the the pioneers of old..pack up and move on..good luck..you are closer to me-vancouver, canada..lol..take care and thanks for taking us along for the adventure!!

kelly s.

Best of luck with your move, what a wonderful opportunity.

Love the photo of your yard!
Is that a trampoline built in (on the bottome right of the photo)?
They have them at the parks in Germany like this, built in- ground level. I love how they are much safer- no falling off! I have never seen them in the states like this, perphaps you can share another photo and tell your readers about this?


It will be an awesome move for you guys! I live in Fruit Heights and want for you to hook up with a great scrapbooking store so I can finally see you teach! Good luck in your adventures...I enjoy seeing what your family is up to.


Sounds like fun, Heidi! Isn't Lisa Bearnson up in that area too? (Highlands, I think she's mentioned.) Kerri Bradford, too, and the rest of the great, lovely and talented ladies you mentioned, "love" them all!

Your family will have a blast wherever you end up!!!


You and your family have certainly persevered in the midst of many, many changes throughout the past few years. Hats off to you, and I pray that your new adventures will be very fulfilling. Can't wait to see what creative endeavors will come of it all. Keeping your family in mind is so important. Enjoy this new chapter! :)


I for one am so excited to have you in my part of the world. I'm in Layton and hope to be able to attend one of your classes in the future! Good luck on the move, I'm doing it myself next month, although just locally and without any kids. May your choices bless your life.

Kathy F

Heidi-You sound so happy! :) I would be a mess moving as much as you have in the past year. :) You are definitely a "get up and go girl" even if you don't feel like it. The fact you can be smiling through this is a wonderful testament to your fun and beautiful spirit! :)



You forgot Gardner Village! Welcome to Utah!

Anna-Lena Blomkvist/Sweden

Good Luck on your new adventure! You and your familly is doing just right by following your heart. But I cant´t understand how you can manage another move;-)
I´m planing to change room with the kids and thats feel overwellming to me:-) *lol*
I´m lookin forward to se how the new studio will look like and to follow this new adventure in your life.


the Lord truly has his hand in everything...good luck with your move, travel safe :) and I am soooo excited that you will be closer to us!


Best wishes, Heidi!


Welcome home, Heidi


Heidi, How exciting for you and your family in this new journey you all are about to take...enjoy the moment. I can totally relate to listening to your creative body and moving on...we have to do it in order to grow as women and artists. take care and have a fab time. michelle

becky kimball

not going to lie, but i'm excited that you're moving north! hopefully you'll be teaching and i'll be able to attend!

good luck with everything! what a great opportunity!


Good luck on your new adventure in life! Looking forwards to all you have in store with House of 3. (can not figure out how to get the three down! :)


I have been anxiously awaiting the CHA-S'09 sneak peeks for HKS/Advantus, so now I know why they're not out yet!
I am totally bummed for me, the shopper & scrapper, but I am happy that you feel strongly that you are on the right path creatively.
(Must be sure to stock up on my HKS supplies since there shan't be any new ones for a while!) *wink*
Take care, be safe,
have faith, give love.

There's nothing more than those.
Blessings, Swapp Family....

Heidi Ingram

Do you mean what a miracle you sold the house before it went into auction from the ntr or forclusure notice posted on the Maricopa County Recorders site. Let's be real we are in an economic crisis and you are trying to sugar coat the fact that you could no longer afford that big beautiful home of yours.


great detective work! you are right heidi, we did sell our house as a short sale...and we're thankful for it! ...moving on.

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