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regina friedman

I love this summer book kit and have already made my own. It just needs to be filled with photos now. Do you print the words onto a sheet of transparency and cut them out?


This is adorable!! Heidi, when i was saying i don't understand digi very well i did not mean i didn't like Hof3. I love everything you gals do there! #1Fan
PS--Thx so much for your time the other night...wish we had more time to talk. Love my autographed bag! Q is such a sweet girl. When she says "Thank You" she means it and it is really uplifting to hear a girl like that. Hope she never gets exposed to Cyber Bullies.

janis m

I LOVE the hello my name is tags! I am so glad you made them! thanks! :-)


I am purchasing the collages now and I will spend the rest of the day PLAYING!! Thank YOU!

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