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oooh pick me, pick me!!! I love it! PS I loved the update about the parents mission. I am so glad I didn't have to go through all of that in Spain, lol!

Karen Simmons

I would so love to win this but could it come all the way to Australia?
I did your Create08 class here in Melbourne last year and just loved loved loved it. I hope you are coming back soon

Faye Warriner

What an awesome gift. Heidi you are awesome.
Other great gift ideas too.
Thanks for more awesome ideas.

Karen Simmons

Not sure where my other message went but that charm is so so cute too would love it to wing its way down here to Melbourne Aus.
Are there any plans for Create10?


do you post overseas????

if do I would love the gift... so inspiring... would look great in my new place!!!!
keep it up!!!!!


Oh how I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to receive that cutie gift in the mail ;) I have been searching for the perfect chain for a new pendant I treated myself to; one side says "Create", the other, "Inspire" ... can we say perfect ?!?! Thanks for the Creative Inspiration as always Heidi xxoo


Thanks Heidi for inspiring me not only creatively but personally through the sharing of your life.

I would love to win this gift since I couldn't make it to CE this year. :( I'm thankful for attending 3 years and hope to be back in 2010!


Love this little box and charm necklace is amazing - was with a CE friend of mine who had it on tonight!


Love those heart boxes they're so cool.


Hi Heidi - what an inspiration!

If you are able to post it overseas - I would love to be in the draw!!



Ohhh Heidi, way too sweet a giveaway... as DONKEY says "pick me pick me pick me", cheers from OZ


Why do I have to live all the way up here in Alaska!?! A class with you two would be heaven! And my mom lives in Dallas! Urgh!

Kerry Stong

I am loving these heart box ideas!! Throw in a super cute charm necklace....what's not to love!!

Kelly B

Hi Heidi,that sure is one super cute charm necklace. If you are posting overseas (Australia) i would love the chance to win it.

Melle Broaderick

Oh my GOODNESS, Heidi Girl, how do you do it?? Your creativity is just flowing and how grateful are we that you share w/ us! I'm hoping one of those visits are to FL in the near future...hope, hope :)
Best wishes, Heidi, thank you!!!!!!!!


So many ideas come to mind for the heart box. One day I will be in the right place at the right time to take one of your classes :)

joanne antivilo

Too cute, giving me lots of ideas for christmas presents!!!!!


I missed CE this year....I missed the people, the classes, the environment, the shopping! and all the fun. Wish you were closer so I could take a class with you and Janet. Thanks for the opportunity to win that gorgeous charm necklace. I'm sure it would have come home with me had I been at CE!


Wow Heidi, looks like you have been quite busy creating some cuteness. Thanks for the opportunity to win that cute necklace too, didn't make it to CE this year, but am on the list for next year!!!

Sue Mahaffie

You inspire me constantly Heidi- thankyou- yr heart boxes are Diviiiiiine!!!!!sue xxx


Heidi this is so beautiful. What "heart" wouldn't love receiving this as a gift. Loving the House of 3!!

Debra McCaffrey

Oh Heidi you have been my first inspiration when I started scrapbooking years ago. Totally awesome giveaway. HS rocks!

Sonia Pitts

what a great gift idea! I absolutely love it!!! Wish I had been at CE this year!!! Maybe next year....

Kim Magee

Your heart boxes are just so awesome. I'd love to win one! :)

Nancy Holley

Super cool gift idea!! You girls rock the Inspiration House!! love it!! thanks for the gift code to house of three too!! it really is the little things about girls like you that make life fun!!

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