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venessa winiesdorffer

love this necklace! what an awesome way to display your kids names! and you wear it close to your heart....so perf!

Nikki Dalton

"Faith" would be my choice. To have all the things we hold dear in life you must have faith...faith in the lord, faith in yourself, and faith in others.

Kim in Vacaville

Both of those necklaces are so beautiful! I am with Nikki - my word would also be "faith".

Kathleen Ford

That is a really cool necklace! I think that is a really great idea for a fun personal gift!!


These are awesome. I have been writing down links for my husband and boys :)

Jo Hutchison

Sounds like a great idea. I would have "Dream" on mine. It's my 40th Birthday on Friday. May have to send Hubby the link.


Being a mother of 5 children as well my life is filled with love from my children from my wonderful husband from the many wonderful friends i have made through this wonderful craft that we are apart of so my word is AMOUR which of course is love in french


Georgeous! My word would be inspire! Take care xx.


I love words, I love jewelry...what better way to combine the love of both! :) My words for this year are hope and believe...which could easily be summed up with one word; FAITH.
Now I am off to check out her website...


I think I would choose either "Faith" or "Hope"...maybe in French?

Florence Germono

Inspire would be my word. I'm on journey to getting healthy and fit (since 2009). I've lost 40 pounds so far and I'm on my 2nd phase of my journey for 2010. I have 30 more pounds to go. I have a number of my friends who have said that I've inspired them to do the same as I have.

The necklace is FABULOUS. Thank you! Florence G

Sue Bone

I think gift would be a lovely word for a necklace.


I love that necklace.
My word is "savour"


Very cool necklaces!!!

My word would be ENJOY.


I think that word for me would be faith, I really need it =)


shine would be my word... I have long coveted a necklace from Lisa.....

Debra McCaffrey

Oh I love the necklace. I have 5 grown children and I think my word would be CHERISH! I am going to going to bookmark her link. Thanks Heidi!


Love is my word. I love love...its magicial, warm, coozy, wonderful...and everyone has it, wants it, needs it and loves it. :)

Kathi Kirchmeier

actually 'sparkle' is just perfect. i would really like to get my sparkle back this year. too many years of stress has dulled it. it's time to shine again!!


Both necklaces are too cute! I'm torn between "Love" or "Family"....probably the later of the two....my family is my best gift!

Good luck at CHA, Heidi, I'll do my "go away rain" dance for you!

Lynette C

Very meaningful jewelry. Can't think of a word now but I sure will come up with one if I win this.


oh wow. great idea! (:

perhaps I'll nudge a certain someone for a
necklace XD

can't decide a word at this point though :S


goregeous necklace. my word would be shine.


Great idea! I've sent the link to several of my friends' husbands as well as my own. Thanks for sharing!


Really beautiful work. Thanks for the chance to win!

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