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Lindsay Weiser

woo-hoo i'm 1st o comment i think unless someone types aster than me!

i have a TON of ribbon, and a lot of paper...i need more glimmer mist, and stamps! i love them both! my gm collection is now at 8 bottles! yay!


I have a ton of paper.. I need more storage for all the things I have!! lol.. I also need glimmer mist and tattered angels stuff. just recently found them and just love their products.


I have way too much patterned paper because the stuff just makes me happy. WOuld LOVE LOVE to use every bit of it. I wish I had more "special" embellishments like cameos or fancy buttons, etc.

Susan Dodge

I have tons of glitter. I need more stamps and always more paper.


I have way too much patterned paper and I wish I had some more... What can I say - I just cannot resist all the new gorgeous collections of PP (following closely - letter stickers + stamps). I may be a lost cause.

Robyn Wilkinson

oooh just one thing way too much, um NOOOOOOOOOO
too many ribbons,
too many brads
too many papers
too many buttons
too many chipboard letters...this one i hate cause i really am not using them

just to name a few

i have been using my stash a lot of late though ;o)

Julie Cope

well i have a TON of letter stickers! i love them, can't get enough of them and i have them all organized by color! What do i need more of???? Probably Kraft cardstock cuz i use it all the time and am always running out of it!

Jill Swensen

My husband calls me a paper collector. I think because it's a scrapbooking necessity, I never feel guilty buying more. Shame on me.

Dina Garland

I have a TON of ribbon and close behind is patterned paper! I think I have a ribbon addiction!

Stefani Meyer

I am pretty much a horder of cool scrapbook things. I don't want to use them because then it'll be gone. You know, just waiting until the perfect project comes along. I'm trying to remind myself "THIS, is the perfect project.

But if you wanna know what I have way too much of? It's eyelets! Holy Cow I've gotten way to lazy to set them anymore.


I have way too many colors of glimmer mist! Then again, is that a bad thing??? Love 'em all !!! Wish I had more cardstock tho! Thanks Heidi...


This sure sounds a must do class for every scrapbooker out there!!

I have to many papers, well not to many but lots.And alphas.

Have a great weekend!!

Waving from New Zealand!!


I have way too much ribbon/trim and not enough buttons...at least I don't think I have enough because I seem to always need colors I don't have. lol

Would absolutely love to win a spot for Shimelle's class for myself and my friend! It sounds wonderful!
Thanks for a great giveaway!


I have already signed up for this class...but would love to invite a friend. The things I have the most of is eyelets, and I never use them. What I would like more of is buttons or ribbon, love both of these.

Beth Perry

Ok...so I think I have been a Heidi "virgin" for too long. I knew you were out there. I saw your name on the things I bought. But, did I "really" know who you were..no.
But, I have been secretly stalking the Ho3 blog for a few months now...even, bought some digi stuff and taught myself to use it (somewhat. lol)...but, last night, I watched your free class. OMG!! so cool, so fun and so freaking hilarious!!! I love how many times you knocked the glue gun off the table. and I LOVE the clear mini you had made and showed us. I am making one this weekend at a crop I am going to.
Anyhoooooooo I have so many buttons, that I will never use them all in this life time. If you don't believe me, see if you can find the HUGE jar o' buttons in this post:
http://ilovedirtylaundry.blogspot.com/2010/01/girl-cave.html (lol)
If you would like for me to send you some vintage buttons, just give me a shout. I love to send happy mail.
So, that is what I have TOO MUCH OF!
Now, I don't have enough mist. I have gotten so addicted to misting, that I don't think I could ever have enough. There are too many colors to buy!!! I want them all. But, I am getting one to two bottles every month. So, I am trying to start a good little collection.
Thank you for your inspiration!!!

Elisha Wiggins

I have WAY to many eyelets and not enough chipboard letters!


I have way too many stamps. They seem like they would be perfect for my pages or to make custom papers and embellishments. But I get too lazy sometimes to drag them out.

What I need more of, other than FINISHED pages, is more Bazzill cardstock. It seems like I can't keep enough of it around in the right colors.

nancy smith

I have a ton of Heidi Swapp from early Creating Keepsakes conventions and classes here in Tulsa Ok. I was at a class back when Capri was born. I love all my stash and thanks to the new Live Webshows it looks like I will find a way to use some of it. What a wonderful gift you are giving us of your time and talent! Thank you so much!!!!

Andrea MacDonald

Can you really have too much of something? ; )
I have too many stamps that I don't use enough. I wish I had more cardstock. I always seem to be low on that. In fact I think it is the only thing I'm ever low on : )


Hi there, this is the class for me. I have way too much paper that i love to have because it is so pretty and playful, but i feel it is more of a collection because I I am afraid to use it because I will never be able to get it again. I would like more love notes border paper because I don't have a single piece and can't find it anywhere.It is actually the only piece of your paper that i don't own. just placed another on-line order at AMM for more..Hope I can hide that pkg from hubby!!!
Thanks for sharing your great projects with us!!

Jill Barrett

she could teach the class in my scrapbook room, with all of my stuff!!!
jill b


Hi Heidi!
I've got way too much ribbon, but I've always got room for more!

What I still need - desperately- is fuzzy vinyl and the new transfer material for my silhouette. You guys in the states are Soo lucky to be able to buy it. We Brits can't get it shipped to us...Boo Hoo!

alicia king

hmmm! i think i have too much of everything! maybe i could stock up on adhesives...and then you could just lock me up and i can create away!


I so need some buttons too! I have a hard time buying buttons, but I always want to be using them on my layouts. I have WAY too much paper, and sadly not much of it is current either.

Kellie Cavenett

I can't limit to just one thing I have too much of - I have oodles of ribbon, flowers, buttons, Thickers, chipboard....

What do I wish I had more of? Time to scrapbook!

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