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Sara N

I have way too many of way too many things - paper, ribbons, alphas. What I really need? The motivation and never ending time to use it all up!

Tina Lilja

I have way to many patterned papers, but that doesent stop me from keep buying new when ever I see one I can't live without. I got this big crave for Glimmer Mist and the other new mediums from Tattered Angels.

Elisa Ingram

i have way too much patterned paper. i just can't help myself!


I have many...paper, buttons, ribbon, stamps, eyelets..etc! I would love to take this class. thanks for a chance.

Beth Perry


{it's not completely done}


Amy Stuart

strangely enough, I have too many ink pads...everytime I see a different kind/a slightly different shade...I have to buy it! I just love color and I am obsessed! lol I don't have enough glimmer mist yet...have 12 bottles and have worked my way thru at least half already...that stuff is addictive!! I especially love blending to create another color.

Jen Lum Lung

I am addicted to PAPER and ribbon! My kids playroom has now turned into a scrapbooking store! Could be worse things in life to be addicted to!

Catherine Kennedy

For me it's patterned paper, I have so much that I really like and just haven't found the "perfect" photo or project to use it on. I'd love to have some new ideas.


I have to much everything! Ribbon, buttons, brads, eyelets and PAPER. I could really use this class. thanks for a chance to win.

Karen Haworth

Paper, paper, paper. I love paper, the color, texture, glitter, embossed and plain. For some reason I never have the perfect project to use some from my stash, so I need to buy more. When I'm feeling blue I just reach for a pad of paper and I'm in heaven again.
Now I don;t have anywhere near enough ribbon, buttons, bling..........I need to go shopping again.
Some girls love shoes, I LOVE my craft stuff.

April Barfknecht

I have too many ideas and not enough time to execute them - and too many brads, too much paper, and too many flowers. Can you have too many flowers?

Shannon Colvin

Well I thought I had too much paper till I saw someone else's post about having almost 7 feet of paper! :) So, I guess I am not as bad as I thought! :) So, I will move onto my next product of choice (for shopping at least) and that would be stamps. I have a ton and really need to put them to better use! And what do I wish that had more of? Time to use all of my stash, of course!


Besides too many ideas and not enough time? I have way too many eyelets (thousands!) and I could use more flowers. I use flowers on everything!

Gina Landry

I have WAY too much paper and not enough pages done!!!!!!

Lachalle Jones

I have way toooo much pattern paper but osmetimes its just way too special to use so then I have to buy two pieces one to use and one to keep . I know crazy !!! Wish I had more rub ons .Love rubs on!!

Shannon Cummins

I have way too many brads and I need more paper and buttons.... I love you Heidi....

Lisa Hendrickson-Bracale

I have way too much paper and need more Glimmer mist and the new products that they just came out with are a must have.

Sandi Moschgat

Way to much ribbon and stamps - not enough Glimmer Mist OR space! Great giveaway - thanks!


I have a ton of ribbon & buttons & flowers lol! What I wish I had a ton of is glimmer mist.

Account Deleted

Too much stuff is understated. Loved my yesterday when I was able to draw from my stash to create the mini book with your video-cast from Wednesday. I hope it's the wave of the future. Love the technology-love the format.

Diana Willis

I have way to much of EVERYTHING except time :-)!! But if I had to say just one thing I would say Paper and more Paper.

Hope you are having a great weekend!!

Amy Gulbrandsen

If I am completely honest, I have too much of just about everything, but paper is probably my number one. I could probably not buy another piece and not run out for the rest of my life!


i have way too many vintage/old white buttons. nothing fancy. i won an ebay auction. the description said 7000 buttons, but i would say there are quite a few more. what i need is a larger space where i can work.

Account Deleted

I have waaaaay too much paper! I have more than I could use in a couple of years, yet it's what I always look at when I head out scrapbook shopping, lol. ;) Something I could use more of would be punches. I can't get enough of them!
- April

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