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Teresa Kay

I have alot of paper but when you come across cool paper you hate not to have it because there will be that one project that your like if I only had that paper....I wish that I had more glimmer mist I have really started to have fun with it but would love more colors...

Julia Colli

I have way too many eyelets and brads...but since they're small I figure that's ok. It's not like they take up a lot of storage space! There's not really anything I wish I had more of, except photos of my childhood to scrapbook (they got burnt in a house fire).

Lola Fields

I have way to much of everything! But I love it all. I wish I had more glimmer mist.


My husband says that i have WAYYYYY to much stamps ! But what can I say ? I love my stamps so much, I always want more, more, more.
I don't have enough Tattered Angels products, even though I begin to have quite a dozen of Glimmer Mists, I want to discover their other products :D


I have to much pattern paper!!!
I need more time and ideas!!!

Brenda Lubrant

I have way too many flowers. I cannot resist buying more when new ones are produced by various companies. I also probably have way too many stamps. They are all so cute and I cannot leave a paper craft store without buying a new set or two.


Oh goodness, where to start on how I have too much of something: if I could link a picture, I would; I have way too many alphabets! Yes! Not just a type of something, its all alphabets. I have containers and containers filled of chipboard alphabet (by of course you!) I have paper kind, rub-on kind, sticker kind, stamping kind, iron-on kind, the list goes on and on.
What I would like to have a little more of: SPACE! :D


oh gosh I know I have way too much ribbon!!! definitely too much fiber! but you can NEVER have too much cardstock, embellies and patterned paper :)

Ruth Beckett

Oh, Heidi, been a collector all my life and come from a long line of collectors, ribbon, paper, lots of stuff for altered art, but i am always on the lookout for more...oh, but buttons, i have loads of those... love them...too wish that i had more time to scrapbook, but you girls are helping me to expand my creativity... thanks...

Nancy Wyatt

I have way too many craft magazines!!! And I have tons of patterend paper too! Now that I am a HO3 "fan"atic I find myself making my own papers. A few of us are going to gather all our extra's to donate to a local retirement home for their craft night. I have one bottle of glimmer mist so I will need more for sure. Thanks again for the free class last night it was great! And I'm with Beth, it was hilarious watching you knock off the glue gun! hehehe. You are so much fun to watch and Eric is a hoot too! Hugs from Texas!

Erin Koirtyohann

I have too much cardstock, in the wrong colors...

I would love more glimmer mist and maybe some more light in my scrap area!

Kelly Cranfill

I can easily say that I have too many different alphabets. And they are all in separate areas. I've got a drawer full and then a couple tool caddy drawer things on my shelf. I probably have more sets of alphabets than I have sheets of paper!

What I don't have enough of is easy - glimmer mist and spritz!

That class looks awesome, I'm definitely going to check it out. :)


I have way more paper than I'll ever scrap with, but it looks so nice and you can never get rid of paper. The more the better. I just need the time to go with all the great papers i have.


I would have to say that I have way too much patterned paper. But funnily enough I don't ever seem to have the right ribbon or all the chipboard letters I need for my titles.

Sexy Debby Webster

Too Much Buttons,Paper, Flowers, Chipboard but the stuff just makes me happy.

I love some glittery pretty stuff..

The one thing I really need is more of is TIME! Time to sit and scrapbook to my hearts content! :)


I am up to my eyeballs in OLD stickers! I'd give 10 pounds of old scrapbookin' stuff for some fun BoBunny chipboard albums (so therapeutic to decorate!) & some super cute vintage paper! Hopin' & wishin' & dreamin' ... Keep inspiring me, lady!


I have what my girlfriends refer to as "LaLa Craft store" in my basement, they come too me before they go to the real store. My DH says that it is his other Harley, but I "need" everything I have down there right? I have way to many stickers (left over from those stickers sneezes way back when) and I need more Glimmer Mist,you have me hooked!! Love that spray. Thanks for the give aways! Your the best!1 Laura D.


I have LOTSA ribbon & acrylic/wood mounted stamps... chipboard, patterned paper & those old eyelets too! =)
I would love to have more new Prima flowers, many diff solid colored CS, some more of HS & DearLizzy products! And a week straight FREE of soccer, school & errands and simply breathe & SCRAP!

Maxine Brittain

I need Heidi's Glimmer Mist colors. I can't find them. And what do I have too much of....NOTHING! I love it all. I know I need more buttons! And all the Glimmer mist I can get. LOL


(Had to re-post bcuz the id was strange! I'm hoping it works this time!)

I have LOTSA ribbon & acrylic/wood mounted stamps... chipboard, patterned paper & those old eyelets too! =)
I would love to have more new Prima flowers, many diff solid colored CS, some more of HS & DearLizzy products! And a week straight FREE of soccer, school & errands and simply breathe & SCRAP!

Thx for ALL your inspiration!
Julie GM


I have way too many of way too many things. What I really need more of is time - time to create and make something!!!!


I have alot of paper but no glimmer mist.

Sue Bone

I have way too much patterned paper and most of it is on the floor of my studio, so I need a tidy fairy the most.

Lindzie Head

Ok...what don't I have too much of? I get carried away with paper and ribbon mostly. And embellishments. :) I could use a little more glimmer mist and I can always use more adhesive!

Mandy Blake

first of all can i say i am excited you are coming down under.... though i am in aussie for a wedding in november... maybe 2 flights from NZ is too much for the budget...will see....

as for my stash... I am scared of the patterns on my papers... i cant seem to match them..... I am a linear scrapper so am scared of angles... I can do lines and shapes... but when the papers are all over the place... i panic...hahahahaha

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