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I hope everyone is better soon! We've had pneumonia run its course through our house, which was NOT fun. Thankfully, it passes. This weekend, I'm attending a baby shower that the ladies in my ward are throwing for me and my VT partner. ;) We're both having boys (and it's not the first for either of us) so it'll be fun - and not awkward for either of us. You know, sometimes it can feel weird... so I'm really excited to share with someone else and take some of the awkward away. :)

Kimberly Bowman Seldomridge

Well I know all too well where you are coming from. My oldest daughter had Scarlet Fever for heaven's sake! I didn't know people still got that! My youngest daughter missed a week of school! I wish they made Lysol bombs! Hope you are ALL feeling better soon!

Adrian Veteikis

I think getting back in the swing of projects is just what you need! My crafting provides such a stress relief for me, that I know it will for you too!

Natalie Nakamura Matkin

That first comment is from me. It didn't log me in right. Sorry!


Can you open a window and get some fresh air? I know, sounds counter productive, but that fresh air really helps. It really is a great pick-me-up. I have 3 chicklets that always trade germs, so when 1 gets sick, I know it will go on down the line.
Hope you all feel better soon, so your mojo can come out of hiding.
This weekend, I will be working on my daughters scrapbook....T-minus 3 months and counting until Open House season. NO pressure there....LOL.


Hang in there with all the ailments, Heidi! This weekend I'm going to a decorating class at Pottery Barn. I love to decorate, and it inspires my scrapbooking too! Can't wait til the GM webcast on Wed, my calendar's marked! Thanks for the give-away. :-)

Julie Weidner

Well I hope everyone gets better soon! My fun weekend is going to be spent inside scrapbooking because it hasn't stopped raining in 24-hours!


I am sorry that the household is being hit with illness.

Go take your stamps, smell them - feel the paper, get ink on your fingers, feel the ink beneath your stamps as you emboss on some pretty patterned paper, ripping to create some fabulous edging and then top it off with some Tattered Angels..... there, hope that took you away for a bit - feel better and later when i hope you draw my name I hope I am in my jammies cleaning up my scrap area and attacking a new project

Karalyn Burnside

Aww, being sick stinks! My little Isabelle is sick right now with an ear infection. She is not a happy camper. Definitely not her normal self. :(

Helena Virpi

I'll probably be in my jammies too. I've had my 12-yr old now at home for 2 WEEKS first with a "plain" cold which then turned into a nasty ear infection. Well, he's ok now and I plan on fully CREATE this weekend instead of giving him meds and holding him close and playing with him. Actually I don't mind holding him :) but it's time for me to PLAY with my papers and mists and stamps and embellies.

Hugs from Rome


Kids sports all weekend long! Saturday will be a day filled with flag football playoffs, soccer and two baseball games. Sunday will also be spent at the ball park with a double-header. Should be some great opportunities for some great pictures!!! Hope everyone feels better soon in your house!

Lindsay Weiser

well my 5 month old is sick too an ear infection...so this weekend i will be home with my 4 kiddies, and sunday church which i always look forward too! hope your house gets 100% better! SOON!!!!!!!


Uggg, I hear ya!!! I am sick and tired of being sick and tired! When the kids are sick and don't sleep I don't get sleep, then I end up sick.
This weekend my son's school is hosting a chess tournament, that will take up all day Saturday. I would rather spend the day in my PJs laying on the couch!
Sunday will be a family day - bopefully a relaxing one!


I can SO RELATE to the sickies. I have been out of commission for 2 weeks (I tore my tendon at the bone) and I'm FINALLY starting to feel better. Go and get a pedicure (you SO DESERVE it) and go and see the Alice Movie (I can't wait to see it either)! Spring and Easter are just around the corner and the flowers are starting to bloom here! hugs, Margie Rowles

Megan Gerrity

Sick or the weather - it is always something. You should have an assistant five kids and a full time creative career - girl it makes me crazy to think about it. But winning would make me feel better.

A Facebook User

Well we start Spring Break this weekend "YEAH". I can hardly wait. My kids are so excited because there Grandparents are coming to town and with that they know we have a lot of activities planned... But for this weekend it will be a picnic in the park on Saturday and then Sunday we are hitting the zoo. Boy...you gotta love the sunny, warm weather in AZ. I hope everyone gets to feeling better soon!! :)


I'm going to a tea tasting with three of my friends at a recently opened shop in town.

Jenny Johns

Oh my gosh Heidi, I'm sending the Phoenix SUNSHINE to you to share with your family...things will get brighter soon!
This is what I just posted on my blog today: 'well...my son's baseball team was on a waiting list to get into a tournament, and a spot never opened up...I have no company this weekend...the sun is gonna shine all weekend...and I don't have to go anywhere for anybody for anything...woohoo...staying home is sometimes nice! ...'yay' for me! *smile*'
So you see, I don't have ANY plans, which is fantastic for me!
Hope you have a brighter weekend too!

Daisy Niemeyer

I will be picking up my mother and my grandma so that they can see my first baby! I have no idea how long they'll be visiting so that's gonna be an adventure! :0) Looking forward to hearing a lot of baby stories from my grandmother!

Kimberly Bowman Seldomridge

I got a joke for ya. My daughter came home from school yesterday and said...Hey Mom, how do you wake up Lady GaGa? I said how babe and she said you po po poke her face. Get it Poker Face!! We laughed so hard!


It's exciting to hear you have ideas for new stuff! I love new product announcements - always feels like Christmas =) Great giveaways, too? It's not even my birthday, LOL!

Lisa Along

Hope everyone is on the mend, Heidi! I'm staying in this weekend - it's supposed to rain both Saturday and Sunday. So I'm going to scrap my little heart out and not feel guilty about it all!!


i am hoping to tick off another item from my 'hometown list' (things you should have done in your own city) but since we had a massive storm last night I am not sure if a cruise on the harbour is a good idea...so riding these fun crocodile bikes around the harbour is the next best thing!!!

sorry to hear you are all sick!!! roll on spring!!!!

Antoinette Naude

Oh dear Heidi, when it rains it pours....
How about I just tell you that it will get better and the sun will shine again because spring is round the corner!!

Emma Tandy Nicholls

Hope you all get better soon, well it's mothers day in the uk on sunday so I have saturday to myself to catch up on some sleep and crafting as the kids and hubby are going to see his parents and on sunday we are going out for a big family lunch which I'm really looking forward to But my kids are coming down with something I think so just hope it all goes ahead take care Emma

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