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Linda King

Okay, I can't believe I'm about to spill the beans but I need a little lift.
My sweet little neighbor girl gave my daughter head lice (yuck) which in turn she gave it to her brother and two sister one being 16 months (fun)(not). A salon bill of $560 to get rid of it, 20 loads of laundry (not joking), 10 garbage bags full of pillows and stuffed animals in the garage, 4 itchy kids one whiny husband and one stressed momma. On the positive note spring cleaning has been in full effect at my house, now we just need the spring weather. I've had to look on the bright side it could be worse
Here's to hopefully, a better tommorrow!!!


Heidi,I hope all is well at home. You are amazing you will catch up! Take care.

Gunn Mandal

Sickness is not fun at all,and is so frustrating sometimes.
Hope you got some minutes to do something just for you.

My fun this weekend is to be in Oslo on a meeting with my oldest son.,,,, the meeting isn`t the most fun, but the dinner after use to be fun and great. We do this once a year.
Wish you and the kids a weekend to get better.

Karen Buzun

Sorry the bug is going through the house:(
I should be working on my "month in review" pages.....Do you think I can get motivated????
I am in the Northeast where we are bracing for torrential rains tonight and through tomorrow...so I can be captive in the craft room.....after a nap!!!

Have fun playing in your room!!

Lola Fields

Hope you are having a better day. Just remember they won't stay little forever. then you will be wondering how they grew up so fast.

Thanks for the chance to win!!


This is my furts time visiting your blog. It's wonderful to be here. I am in awe of your artistic gift! I hope that you and your family feel lots better very soon. I'm staying in my P'J's all day today due to being "sick". But tomorrow come rain or shine my husband and I are off to our granddaughters 4th birthday party. :) Oh! I love the new brushs you made they are gorgeous. Fell better,


Teresa Mariotti

O.K..you want to whine..two wks. ago I moved household after 10yrs. I was so sick I couldn't even lift a box. I'd work for twenty mins. and be on the couch for 40. I had NO strength and so much stuff I still don't know where to put it all. Well, now after being away for a few days I return home only to find I've had a visit from the field mice (its cold, so they decided to come in). I have mouse poop in all my kitchen drawers, everything must go in the dishwasher. My bureau drawers..ALL of them..they tried to nest in them...so I'm STILL washing clothes. YUCK!! I'll take your sick family anyday. :)


Well, my child had Saturday school today...due to all the winter weather we have been having. Not liking getting up early on the weekend. LOL It's 4:15 and I'm STILL in my p.j.'s!! LOL Scrapped some this morning and just waiting to get in the shower to go to dinner. I LOVE staying in my pj's ALL DAY!!! Have a great weekend!!!!

Lauren Clark

those kits are great! thank you for showing your fav new kits i'm always looking for monthly kits to look into. well last night we had a great big get together with a bunch of our friends and just had a great dinner and hang out! it was so nice to be able to get together with all our friends, it doesn't happen often because all the babies, but when it does its great! hope you can get some alone time, i always like to walk around the local craft or scrapbook store when i need a break, its so relaxing!


I totally feel your frusteration! I've been dealing with the same thing in my home. I hardly ever get sick even when my kids do and for some strange reason, we've been sick on and off since Christmas. Everytime one of my "FAB4" it goes down the line...1,2,3,4 and then hits my hubby and I. And these ICKY bugs aren't like the ones we used to get when I was younger adn would be gone anywhere from 3-7 days. These new little BUGGERS are lingering for 2-3 weeks at a time. It STINKS! Two weeks ago I was in the ER with my 14 month old daughter because she had severe cold symptoms and it seemed as though she was having a hard time catching her breath. Turns out that she had pneumonia. Thank goodness I took her in when I did! The doctor said that we caught it in time and all she would need is antibiotics and no nebulizer. This was her second bout with pneumonia too, her first was when she was 2 months old. Not a fun time let me tell you! Anyhow, my hurrendous cold is finally on the mend and things are looking up again. I can't wait until my kiddos are close to 100% so I can resume my creative process and get back on track. God Bless You and your family...I hope things get back to normal in your home and your family gets healthy so you can do your thing! Hugs ;)


Being sick and caring for sick family is the pits, but if you look at the silver lining...at least it is everyone at once and not a week in between. I know re-reading that does not even make it sound good. Better days are ahead and you will magically make up for your lost time, granted it may be while everyone else is sleeping, but it will happen. Take care, and hope everyone is better soon, very soon!

Michelle Windstrup

Not much this weekend. Rainy and yucky out. So just cleaning the basement and playing with the kids

Alex Reeves

i hope you all start to feel better...just remember, Spring is only a week away!


Bummed for you about the sickness! I only have 3 children, but when everyone is sick, it is yucky! The best part about being sick is when everyone gets well--it's like the joy of feeling good makes you sooo happy and energized, and sometimes gives you a different outlook for a bit.

Lena Swenson

Ostrich Festival is this weekend so we are planning to go tomorrow. Want to try an Ostrich Burger?? I heard they are selling those this year. You can watch them running around and then you can go eat one, lol. Come on, how could you not smile at something so ridiculous as those birds and people trying to ride them? Google it for a laugh!!!

Here's another funny story--after making excuses why i could not do jury duty for 30 yrs, i decided to answer summons this yr. I was chosen for a long-term 7+ week trial and one of the jurors was ill...coughing all over the place(Swine Flu?). Not only did all the jurors get sick in that confined jury room, but the judge was sniffling, one of the lawyers was blowing her nose and the court reporter had to miss a few days from being sick. It was upper respiratory and took weeks to get rid of and this is the adult world!

Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from Him. (Psalm 127) You are blessed.
Here is my prayer for you:
"May today be peace within. May you trust your highest power you are exactly where you were meant to be. Allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love." Mother Teresa

Lena Swenson

I just want to add (for you) it is so good that you are home with your kids. My husband had to be quarantined by the school nurse at his boarding school whenever he was sick. With no TLC from his mother or father he has something lacking deep inside now.
You are doing a very important job--the most important job. Smile.

Amy Vandenberg Sebert

When my kids are sick like that you forget what they are really like. They are so crabby and sluggish for so long but they are truly resilient and do bounce back relativly fast


Here is a GREAT B I G HUG all the way from Texas just for you Heidi! As a mom, believe me, I can totally relate to how you were feeling. But some how, things always seem to work out and things get back to normal eventually. Hang in there...just remember what Scarlet said "tomorrow is another day !"

Oh and I so <3 Scarlet Lime but can't afford to buy the kits right now so winning one would really make my day :)


i was just watching PBS and the Ed Sullivan special and thought of this song (and my facebook status)......
You know you make me want to(SHOUT)Kick my heals up and(SHOUT) Throw my hands up and(SHOUT)Throw my head back and(SHOUT)Come on now(SHOUT)

can't you just hear the music? that song is enough to get anyone out of the blues! or at least get your toes tapping!

hope everyone feels better soon.


We just got home from a driving tour searching for dinosaurs. Our son is learning about them at school so we thought we would take him to a few museums and the zoo for some real life exhibits. He loved it and it was invigorating to get out of town. Hope your family feels better soon Heidi! Best wishes...

Kathy Hoffman Floen

Oh Heidi...You have been through a lot in the past couple of weeks and you are entitled to feel a little upset. :) As moms, our families to come first and a lot of times we suffer and so does our work/play time. I hope that you found some fun time in your studio. :) I can't wait to see what you have created. :)

Jocelyn Petcholan

Oh do I know what you mean about the sick....it hit our household and I did not know who to take care of first!!!! Wishing you a healthy week and I too am staying in the pj's all day long!!!!

The rain has continued here....so I will send you some much needed sunshine!!!

Just love all the goodies!!!


heidi, you are allowed to complain, moan, etc. you have a lot of children and the mom is ill too!!!! i could give you lots of quotes and sayings, etc. but you know "this too shall pass" and you will be up and about and your usual cheery self!!! eat chocolate.......do some crafts........and stay in those pj's for at least two days!!!

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