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OH NO! I'm so sorry to hear about your frustrations. I completely understand! My daughter was sick for what seemed like forever (RSV) and then I got a yucky nasty stomach bug and was pukey for a couple of days (I was even sick on my 28th birthday). I hope that your house feels better soon, and I'm sending some "feel better vibes" your way!!
This weekend is going to be a busy one for me. We are FINALLY celebrating my birthday (mine was the 8th, and my mom's was the 9th) so we are going to the Melting Pot in downtown OKC. Saturday morning we are waking up bright and early to take my 3 1/2 year old to Sesame Street Live! After that, I am heading to the mall to exchange a couple of things, then to Grandmas that night for the birthday festivities to continue. Sunday I am hoping for some relaxation and to maybe work in my flowerbeds and paint the pillar on my house. Maybe even squeeze some scrapbooking in, too!!
Here are a couple of funny things to make you smile and brighten your day.
*My 3 year old says the funniest things. My mom was driving her to school and Zoie was being antsy. Mom tells her, "Zoie, hold your horses!" Zoie's response--I can't MiMi, they must have already ran away!
*While trying on clothes, I tell my daughter that she couldn't fit in her 2T's anymore. She says, "WHAT?!" I told her she was getting big and they didn't fit. Her response--Yeah, I think you should sell my clothes to a lady who has a two year old. I'm a woman now. :)
*My sister tells my mom to figure out what she would like for D-E-S-S-E-R-T for her birthday (she spelled it out). My daughter turns to her and says, "It's called dessert, Brittany." Miss Smarty Pants!!! lol
*Zoie says to my pomeranian, Lola-- "Lola, when I was your age, I was a dog too. And I was a good dog, just like you. Now give me a kiss."
*On the way to taking Zoie to my mom's one morning, she says, "We DOOOONN'T eat boogers. Just Ham-boogers."
While trying to get Zoie to do something, I say, "Zoie! Listen to me! I shouldn't have to tell you 5 times to do something!" Zoie replies, "No mom, six times."
*So dogs have big huge ramungous tongues. --Zoie
*You know your daughter watches too many info-mercials during Qubo when she tells you this morning while you are fixing her hair: "Mom, you need 3 things." Me: "What 3 things, Zoie?" Z: "Wonder hangers, the perfect brownie pan, and an Instyler to fix my hair."
*And one of my favorite Zoie-isms: "Girls eat ketchup and boys eat mustard."
Hope you have a better day! :)


We are having a rainy weekend, so we plan to do something indoors. Maybe a movie, maybe a museum. Wish we were going to the park though.

Pinah Nas

Hi Heidi, here's hoping to a weekend of recovery both for you and your kids. I'm also having a son down with a fever and the constant worrying leads to other things not getting done.


Leslee Cotterell-Barrow


I hope you and your little family are on the road to recovery. Enjoy creating in your PJ"s for the day. My youngest is flying home from Tacoma for spring break, so will be enjoying mother-daughter time. She wants to see Alice in wonderland too. Want to head to Freeze out Lake as the Snow Geese seem to be on the migration trail north--would like some photos. Ther's thousands of them. Leslee in MT

Shari Anderson

oh man, I can totatlly relate. I was sick for 6, yes I said 6 entire weeks. I'm knocking on wood right now in hopes that I didn't just jinx myself! But less about me, and more about you.....creating is JUST what you need...my daughter was having an off day yesterday and on our way to figure skating practice I said to her, "do what you love...get on that ice and skate like you've never skated before. Doing what makes you the happiest will make you forget all the crummy stuff that has happened and for that hour your heart will be full again." So....put your worries on the shelf, do what you love and for those few hours you get, your heart will be full too.

Angelica St Laurent

LOVE Scarlet Lime. Had be a apart of them until my "credit crunch" thanks Angelica


We all feel how you do at these times. It is only natural. Hope everyone is feeling better very soon.

Mandi Buchanan

I'm so excited that I'll be able to take pictures of my kids this weekend. The weather is finally cooperating and I'm ready to go!!!


We are going to a fish fry with some wonderful friends from church! And maybe making a scrappy store stop on the way home. ;) Gotta love that!


My younger sister is visiting me for the first time since I moved from North Dakota to Atlanta a year ago. She will be here tomorrow night, and I am SO excited to show her around my new hometown!

Mandy Blake

my comment above 12.26pm 12 march 2010 - (hometown list) hasnt gotten my name attached..... gremlins at work...sorry changed to facebook now much better -mandyb


This might not cheer you up at all, but Thank the lord none of my family has been sick this year and I still don't have time to create. I sneak a little in every now and then!

Thank in there Summer is coming!!

Close your eyes and pretend it's 90 degrees outside and your inside crafting away!!


Thanks for the chance to win a kit! Hope your little ones are feeling better SOON . . . Barb

Jamie Papantonakis

Wishing you a speedy recovery. Spending the weekend in my PJs would be fun but I'll be at the computer watching my dd's team in a robotics competition.

Karen Urban

Oh...just to find a few minutes this weekend to scrap would be a complete blessing. My crop room looks like a bomb went off in it - so to clean it would be completely inspiring. Other than that, I have my mom's and my MIL's birthdays this weekend...oh shoot, I don't even have gifts yet!?!


Sorry to hear your family is sick. Hopefully the cycle will end soon. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. I hope it does cheer you up - giving things away always make me happy too.


i feel you PAIN! the crud is running rampant through our normally household as well - including daddy and myself. HOPEFULLY this weekend, we will be hitting our 1st t-ball practice of the season, and boring stuff like grocery shopping. yipee. now, if no one vomits, it will be a GREAT w/e!

Renee J.

'Sending lots of positive thoughts and get-well wishes to all of you. Yes, I do know the feeling. Our family has been hit by the bug, too. It is not a surprise that a dose of HEIDI will be an excellent cure. I want to create; my daughter and I are a team so creating together will be the best of all. 'Sending lots of hugs,too!


I'm so sorry you are not feeling good. Whine away. I just got over double mastitis ( I know, TMI)LOL! so I totally understand the need to whine. It does make you feel so much better when you do though. The kits look totally great. Thanks so much for the chance to win.


I so hope that you and your family get to feeling better and that somehow you can find more hours in each day. Sending positive thoughts your way.
We have a cousin's birthday party this weekend and spending time with my 80 year old Gram. Gotta love family!

Kimberly Marcus


Hope all are feeling better soon..I know how hard it can be taking care of everyone...My dh is working overseas and will not be home until mid-July, and it's all me 24/7, and there are times when I just want to be left alone...not that I'm complaining...but it's going to be a rainy weekend here is the northeast so we will be spending most of the weekend indoors..but hoping for craft night tonight and then movie night on Sat...Have a great weekend..


I hope the Swapp's are on the mend soon! I love the giveaways - they're awesome!! I plan to spend LOTS of time in my studio (aka woman-cave) this weekend working on my graduating senior's unfinished scrapbooks... can't wait!! ;-)

Lyn Meeker

My sister had great advice when her brood was sick .. invest in paper towels... use them instead of regular towels (Not as much laundry) use them to dry hands and other such things. Have them in every room... I know not as good for the environment .. but better for your sanity!

And because you wanted to cheer up:


One day, up in the frozen north a polar bear and his son were out for a stroll. Daddy bear sat on a lump of ice to admire the view and sent his son off to play. Two minutes later Junior came back to dad and says, "Can I ask you a question dad?"

"Sure, son what is it?"

"Am I a real polar bear, Dad?" asks Junior.

Dad smiles and says, "Of course you are, son. Now go and play."

So off Junior goes again throws some snowballs at the seals but soon he's back.

"Hey Dad, are you sure I am a real polar bear? Is there not a wee bit of brown bear or black bear in me?"

Dad smiles again and says, "Look son you've got big hairy black feet, a white coat, and a black shiny nose...of course you're a polar bear....now go back and play."

Once again Junior runs off...slides down the ice....chases a couple of seagulls...after ten minutes of fun he returns with a puzzled look on his face.....

"Daaaad....are you absolutely sure I'm a polar bear?"

"Look son...I'm a polar bear, your mums a polar bear, your granny and grandpa were polar bears...why are you asking all these questions?"

Junior looks up and says...."Cause I'm freaking freezing! "


Well, I'm coping with a tough cough for 6 weeks now.. and no end in sight. So hope you and your family's getting better soon! As it's snowing here once more just ignore the weather and imagine yourself a blooming springy landscape :) That should help for a while ;)

Amy Daigle

I am croppin' tomorrow with my scrappy ladies and I can't wait!! I really hope you feel better soon, I don't know how you do it all! I only have one baby, and I get whiney! LOL Have a great weekend!!

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