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sick is no fun....we've been sick for like the last month! It stinks! This weekend we have so much to do....but I am really excited to get a new bike! I haven't ridden one in forever, but can't wait! Plus, the bike I found is pretty!!!!

Debbie Webster

If you break your neck, if you have nothing to eat, if your house is on fire, then you got a problem. Everything else is inconvenience. ~Robert Fulghum

If you want to forget all your other troubles, wear too tight shoes. ~The Houghton Line, November 1965

If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere. ~Frank A. Clark

Sleep, riches, and health to be truly enjoyed must be interrupted. ~Johann Paul Friedrich Richter

"Count your manny Blessings, name them one by one..."

I hope that spring comes fast and your family heals soon.

A Mother never takes a day off... if she did the world would stop.
(((HUGS))) :0)


Hope everyone gets better soon. There must be something in the air, because my little one was also sick....love the u stream on Wednesday!!!

Cynthia B.

I'm so sorry that your family is sick!
Hope that everyone is on the mend soon and that you can actually enjoy a HEALTHY weekend!
For my family - it's just my 7yo daughter and me at home now because my husband and son went camping with Boy Scouts. We plan to make blueberry muffins in the morning (she found the recipe on Buildabearville.com - hehe!), and then go ice skating, and then lunch. It should be a fun girls' weekend - we so rarely spend 1-on-1 time...and I guess my "boys" will be enjoying their campout for their weekend! (Thankfully, I won't have to sleep on the ground in cold weather - yikes!)
-Cynthia B.


i hear you. i tucked two sick boys into bed tonight. i am ready for spring and sunshine. hang in there...go get a pedicure. you deserve it.

Cindy Merriam

I can hear your pain! My kids are older now but it is hard to be mother, nurse, housekeeper and employee. And then your husband gets sick!! And he needs so much more care than the kids. . . Hang in there, everything changes so quick, kids get well (and grow up, and then we miss them so much).

Rachel Howells

Hope you all feel better soon, I've got a crop today so I actually get to do some scrapbooking!


maybe the storm has passed and brighter days are coming! we are going fishing for the first time this spring -- and the hopefully reaping the rewards at suppertime!


Nothing fun planned for this weekend ---Spring Break begins Monday, though!


It really stinks having sick kids!! Here's what I tell myself when it is running through the house and it feels like nothing will ever be normal again....Just think how good everyone will feel (myself included) when things are back to normal...You will really appreciate feeling good again! Does that make sense? In my head it sounds so much better!!! LOL! Good luck and may they get well soon!!!!


I'm sorry- we have a birthday party this weekend and more moving of stuff - so its not incrediblky fun here either.....

Judy Lucas


Gotta hate it when the chicks are sick and when they do it one after another. Hang in there this too shall pass. My something fun is a date with my DH tonight!! WHOO HOO, it is the first date we have had in over 8 months and then on Sunday I'm spending the day crafting (kids premitting), I have finally got my Mojo back after it has been absent for the last 2 years. Hope everyone feels better soon and just get done what has to be done and let the rest take casre of itself. Thanks for the giveaways. Laura D.


Healthy air blowing your way, a little prayer too, that your illnesses will pass. My worst memory of illness was many years ago, when my oldest son had the flu and then I got it too. My loving hubby was out of town working and my parents were wintering in Arizona. Alone and sick with a three yr. old, it was hard but I managed. Today I am sharing the love with a card workshop at "Girls Day Out" sponsored by our local high school. It is an event where adults come to share their passion with the high school girls, it is a motivational and educational day for our girls! This is the second year I have participated and I really enjoy sharing the love of papercrafting with them! Try and have a great weekend and love the babies up while you still have them all around, they grow up too quick!


awwww so sorry! I feel for ya! When it rains to pours!!!! I do have to say tho on a much happier note (note to make light of your "whineyness" cuz I have those days too!!!) that I LOVE the set from MAGPIE - it is sooooooooooooooooooo much harder to find cool "boy" patterns. THIS collections would totally ROCK for my son (12).......... And I always love Scarlet Lime!!! Hoping your family feels much much better soon!!!! Hope you had fun playing in your studio!!!


"Positive" all the time is not real (FAKE) so you go right ahead and whine, Heidi...maybe it will clean out those sick germs for good. I was getting sick all the time as a teacher aide--comes with kids, i guess. Here's to hoping you all feel better soon. I'd come over and help if i could. Here, i'm blowing some warm AZ weather up there for you guys...
Thx for the webshow class, we enjoyed it. Don't yu love Christy and Scarlet Lime?

Jessica McLaughlin

Heidi, so so sorry for all the sickness in the family! I am a nurse and have seen way to much this season! Hope that spring arrives soon so everyone is well! Hope you get caught up and have some "me" time this weekend! I am just returning from my first run(well more of a walk) since not running in a long time. Hoping to get things cleaned out this weekend and out of my house! Thanks for all the wonderful cool things you do and share! Jessie

Irene Lenihan

Hugs for you and yours. So sorry you are feeling overwhelmed. Take a seat in a soft chair, close your eyes, now take a few deep breathes in and out. Now picture next weekend when everyone is well and the weather is warm and beautiful. Now you get up and get going with what you have to do to get to that next weekend.

viki powell

Good Morning from Sunny Arizona:) I think you should give yourself a break...it's okay to be whiney/cranky now and then! Everyone knows you are a great mom,wife and friend and you are always there for them with a smile and a hug. So it's okay to feel a little low right now. You have my permission!!! Mom's need those days too. And I have actually spent a whole weekend in my jammies and unshowered!! And it felt good. I hope this makes you feel better and i hope your whole family is on the mend:)


i know that you will catch up even though it doesn't fell like it right now! today, my neice is coming for a visit, she lives in chicago and i am here in jersey and haven't seen her in awhile...so it will be a treat! to make yourself feel better...make yourself some of those famous choc.chip cookies and have a cup of tea!
enjoy your day & remember to count your blessings...you have M*A*N*Y!

Prince Murkaba

hey heidi,
it's saturday...i suspect you're feeling a lot better now...and if you aren't...or if you are and want to feel way better...the lol kind of better..try this:
it only takes about four minutes.
it makes me feel so good i'm putting it on my ipod.
your fan,


I've just recovered from a bug myself, bleh! It's the annual bookweek here in the Netherlands. Yesterday my mum and I went bookshopping (I dread shopping for clothes and such but I LOVE shopping for books, craftsupplies and gifts!). When you spend a certain amount on books you get a free book with your purchase which can be read AND used as a free trainticket tomorrow. So we'll be going to Utrecht tomorrow and visit a museum!
I hope your whole family will be healthy again soon!


Well, I wish I could send you some sunshine and a maid. However, I also live in Utah and that is not what's up for the weekend. So here are some sunny wishes instead! And the house work will ALWAYS be there...so don't stress! Here's wishing you a hapy weekend!


By the way, the last post I forgot my name. CIndy T.

Laurie Raiche

Hope everyone gets well soon. I'm going to spend this weekend cleaning my scrapbooking room so I can get in there and create. I can't wait to see your new products. Your doing a wonderful job at everything you do.

yael yaniv

hope all will be back on track soon and everyone's healthy in no time.
take care of yourself and i'm sure "playing" with some new ideas and products will cheer you up. can't wait to meet you in 2 weeks in Naples (a big hg is coming your way)
thinking of you andcrossing my fingers for a speedy recovery

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