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Nancy Wyatt

What incredible giveaways! If I won the colorinc pro lab prize I would add a b/w photo that my cousin took of a rose. Have wanted to hang it above the bed in my guest room and this would be perfect for that! Thanks for the chance at winning! The coupons are awesome!

Jennifer Alanis

Your giveaway is awesome! If i won the standout mount i would mount a photo taken today at the carnival. It is of the ferris wheel and while we didnt ride it, i want to remember this day & the little break the rain took for my little family to have a few minutes of bliss.

Anna Vollmer

Awesome giveaways...will so be using that coupon code for Log your memory if I don't win....had my eye on their stuff for a while now...
I would definitly have to choose an awesome photo that I took of the fireworks over the castle at disney land...but the best part is you can't even tell that's what it is...everyting is out of focus...kind of abstract and awesome bokeh! Thanks for the awesome giveaways!

Danielle Merry

I would have to use a picture that I just recently took of my 15 month old daughter. What I would want to remember about that picture was the way the wind blew her prety curls and how she could have cared less about me and my camera. Cause she had her eyes on the kitty's around the farm :) Makes me smile just thinking of it!!!


I would so love to win the standout mount. I {heart} your giveaway. The memory logbook is such a great idea, I find the older I get the less I remember! LOL


See I am getting old I forgot to tell you what I would mount! LOL

FOo my birthday all I wanted from my family was a family portrait and that would look Fantastic over my fireplace!

Jessica Wilson-Hess

I that is pretty cool- log your memory is so cool. You have the best giveaways

Rebecca Swisher

My standout moment today would have to be that my dogwood has started to bloom!!! Every year those beautiful white blossoms capture my heart and I know that spring is finally here. It would be awesome to have a picture enlarged in my home to keep the feeling alive year-round.

Jessica Wilson-Hess

Guess I should read the instructions- I would put the picture of my new family at our wedding. We included our children (biologically my husbands)in our wedding- we both made vows to them. It would be nice to have thought to write down how we all felt at that moment in time- I just love the idea to have a place to list things and write down what is going on day by day in your life. Once again AMAZING giveaway


Great giveaways - thanks for the chance to win. For the Standout Mount I'd love to feature my daughter, her son, and me -- the proud grandma. Glad to have you home Heidi!

Account Deleted

Very cool! If I were to win, I'd definitely use a recent picture I took of my daughters. They are both walking away from me, holding hands, and at 10 and 4, it's an awesome sight to see. :)
Thanks for the chance to win!
- April

Darla Mock-Podliski

I would mount a picture of my little sister Brittany and myself. It is a special memory to me. It was taken at a party and at the time she was in remission from Leukemia. I love that picture and how happy we were together. I lost her on april 6, 2002 from leukemia, she was just 10 years old. It's a treasured memory.

Molly Morris

Wow! I did not know these sites existed. I am all about planners and organizers. Good thing I have spring break to really check these sites out.


I'm going to check out Colorinc. I would actually have a photo I took over Christmas break when my son & I went into the woods on a photo safari.

Leslie McLaughlin

I have never heard of these sites. Thanks so much for the introduction. Great giveaways!

Kelly Massman

Thanks for a chance to win! I would definitely put my favorite scrapbook page of my family in it! We don't have a lot of good pictures of all of us together.

Holly Sloat

My stand out mount would have to be a photo of my grandmother, mother and daughter taken 1 week before her death at Christmas...she was in perfect health and just 'fell asleep' in her recliner with her hands crossed on her lap with the most peaceful look on her face-I'm sure my grandfather was there to lead her. A year before she died, she was the victim of a violent sexual crime in her apartment by a 30 year old man who lived one floor up from her...she went through the trial and sentencing- her strength at 86 was amazing and I am blessed her blood runs through my veins. This photo means the world to me.
Great giveaway! Thank you!

Lani L.

A sepia-tone photograph of me & my daughters which was taken this past December ... it's my favorite photo in the house although it's bitter sweet - it represents HOPE for the future, yet it's sad for us all since it was our first Christmas since my separation with their dad.


I would put a picture of me, my niece, and my sister that we took on my nieces 3rd birthday. It is so cute and we all look alike! I want to remember the times when she was a little princess (even though she will always be my princess!) Thank for sharing this Heidi!

Karalyn Burnside

I would put a photo of my baby Isabelle on there from when she was born, so I can always remember how little/well big (she was 11 lbs. 9 oz.!!) when she was born...so precious!!

April Virgin

I would put an everyday picture of my three kids... something to help me remember our everyday life.. Thanks for sharing!!

Rebekah krueger

a family photo.. don't get them very often so the few we have are the memories i'd love to keep.
hey thanks for showing these sites! how great!

Adrian Veteikis

My son was recently in an art show, I would love to put that photo as a standout. My memory of that would be how cute and proud my 6 year son was at that moment.


I would definitely use a picture of my sons for the standout mount. Would be a perfect mother's day gift--to me.

Susan Boyles

Rebekah, I can relate to the family photo. In fact it is one my bucket list to get a good one this year.

Is that sad?
Great give-a-ways, thanks for the video techn. Doing them with your traveling schedule and kids illness (my daughter had the same thing (short of hospital) and that is so scary! Glad she pulled thru.

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