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Pinah Nas

Hi Heidi! My favourite part of Spring has got to be the change in weather and the blossoming of flowers! I'm new to all this 4 seasons thing since I've just moved to London from Borneo (Asia). I can't wait to NOT wear so many layers of clothing whoohoo! Keep inspiring us Heidi!

Nora Latip

Adrian Veteikis

I love the longer days and the beauty of all of the trees and plants blossoming. We also start our herb garden each spring and I look forward to that!

Emma Tandy Nicholls

What I love about spring is the days are getting longer and seeing all the flowers blossoming and all the little lambs running around !! have a good trip

Helena Virpi

Longer days, warmer weather, and all the trees and flowers blossoming.

See you on Saturday in Naples!


What I love about spring is that I can get outside and take more photos to scrapbook!


Italy! Thats great - lots of pasta and ice cream.. yumm.
Spring is in the air here too, finally - no more snow, chirping birds, flowers in bloom :)


I love all the little things that are starting to come up in the garden.

Donna VanWert

I love all the different shades of green, from the really light green of new buds on trees to the beautiful teal green of the daffodils' leaves.


Spring~ since my husband does not like the cold..my favorite time is those first smells of something cooking on the barbecue.


love how everything looks so fresh and new! everything even smells better!


Sue Taylor

The temperature; it goes from cool-ish, to fabulously warm, just before the unbelievable hot kicks in; love it!


My favorite thing about spring is hearing the birds chirping in the morning....I know spring is here when I hear that!!


I love to see the daily changes in my garden! It's amazing to watch how quickly the plants sprout up!!! laura j


fresh air, birds chirping again, open windows so the breeze can fill my home with Springtime!

Lisa Henderson

I love watching my flower beds start!

Lydia DiGirolamo Linville

There's so much I love about Spring it's hard to just pick one or two. But....I love the long days...everything coming back to life...Easter...my daughter's birthday...Spring Break....warmer weather...and of course summer is on it's way!
Love the give a away


nice giveaway! there's a special part of the park nearby that is closed during the winter and opens again in spring, I'm lloking forward to a walk with my husband there!

Sue Bone

I love the spring flowers breaking through. I'm aslo enjoying the red squirrel that visits most lunchtimes. I haven't got a photo of him yet though.

Kelly Massman

I love when the daffodils in my front yard start blooming! I love them because they keep dividing and adding more joy to our (and our friends and family when we get around to dividing them)! Thanks for the opportunity to win!


I love the weather! After this winter I totally need some warm weather to get a smile on my face!!!

Diane S.

I love to see the robins coming back to my yard-and also I love spring rainstorms!! I actually love everything about spring!


I love that spring is the transition into my favorite season ... summer! Enjoy Italy, it's wonderful there! :-)


I love that the kids can play OUTSIDE, without being bundled up, and they love it too! Thanks for the giveaway!

Shannon Ledbetter Stout

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the newness of all things beautiful and bright! Longer and warmer days...the beginnings of grilling! There's something about spring and a things coming to life that inspires a creative spark in me! Thanks for the chance at a giveaway!

Sandra Horton

I've been working in my garden for a week now. Waiting for the flowers to bloom in my back yard. Have fun in Italy.

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