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My favorite spring because the tulips start to bloom. It's my favorite season. My Mom makes our girls Easter dresses and we always go to the Arboretum for a photo shoot. The bluebonnets start to bloom in Texas and it's beautiful. AND finally get to wear pretty sandals! :)

Carrie P

Totally love the "rebirth" of everything!
Love the colors, the smells (fresh grass and flowers), the feel (warmer)...


Hey Heidi,
my favorite thing about spring is the first blooms, the first splashs of colour oh!! and the longer days....can it get better??....wait!! yes surprises in the mail...lol
Have a great time in Italy.

Heather Cowan

I love the sounds of the birds chirping on a cool brisk spring morning. Everything else is quiet and still! All you can hear is the birds!

Amanda Root

I love the spring in California as soon the rain will stop. I know that probably sounds funny......but it does rain in southern California. Have a great time in Italy!

Jayne Groenewold

I love the smell of spring in the air. I also love the fact that spring rains come and wash things clean and fresh from left over winter dirt. Always a fresh start.

Kathy Northup

the full grown turkeys trotting down the road with their tail feathers all spread out in hopes of attracting the best female turkey of the group! i also love to sit and listening to the sounds.....the certain song of a male cardinal, an occasional woodpecker (on aluminium
siding) the sounds of harbor bells, busy children gathering their toys for the days adventures
i wait for the world to turn GREEN and once again become bright and warm...........love this time of year!

thank you

Beth Perry

I love spring for its warmer weather and going to the wineries! that giveaway looks gorgeous!


I love the sounds of birds in the morning, the light breezes, wearing flip-flops & cute dresses. Enjoy your trip Heidi & thank you for the chance at the giveaway!


Spring... what is not to love? In fact I love everything about this season. The newness, the birds chirping, the new growth of my garden and the slight breeze coming through my windows. Love it!


I love hearing the birds signing in the spring ! So cute...makes me want to do a little birdy happy dance :)

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