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L*O*V*E the awakening of everything...all the buds, the sounds & more daylight! i feel more alive! love it...
enjoy italy!


I love when I first see my little crocusses (sp?) come up in my front yard! Pure Joy!


I love having sunlight longer in the afternoons and freshly cut grass!

April Virgin

Flip flops... that's what I love about Spring!!! Thanks for the chance at a giveaway!!!


the weather is what i love about spring. flowers getting planted in the flower bed, windows and doors opened. waking up to birds singing. thanks for the giveaway, so nice.


My favorite thing about spring is the change in weather. Not too hot and not too cold. Baseball starting up. Can hear the birds chirping outside and eating from the bird feeder. Just beautiful. Makes you appreciate nature and all of God's wonder.


I know it's Spring when I start hearing the birds chirping outside my kitchen window. I love that sound. It's so cheerful!


My favorite part of spring is the green grass....after the winter I always miss it so much! Love the giveaway!!

Holly Sloat

Mama birds laying their eggs and carefully and totally caring for them until they hatch then watching them grow...it reminds me of spring and the chance to 'start over' and be 'reborn'-brings me back to when I had my daughter-I cared for her just like the mama birds do and I remember how she had the whole world in front of her and she could do/be anything she wanted to...spring=new starts

Linda Mann

My favorite part of is the scent of the blossoms in the air.


One of my favorite things about spring is Spring Break! The kids are around & not rushing off to school or having to sit & do homework! I can just enjoy my babies!

Andrea MacDonald

The best thing about spring is that the days start getting longer which means we can go for walks after supper and play outside longer with the kids.

Bobbi-Jo G.

Blue skies. Up here in Canada, the winter drags on and it is almost completely VOID of color. Seeing the bright blue skies of spring just makes my heart glad. Nothing like it!


I love watching everything come to life again

Melinda Wilson

I love the longer days and warmer weather!


Oh yes!!! It's the promise - those first buds make me so happy, even this generic shrub that hangs out in our woods here in the PNW, it's the first sign of spring for me...these pretty little white flowers make me smile.

Elizabeth Guerra

My favorite part of Spring is being able to wear flips and all the flowers blooming everywhere!


I love the color color color... especially when you least expect it. I love turning the corner and seeing a small bunch of flowers blooming.

Lisa M

I love Spring! I decorated for Easter on Thursday and cooked out on Friday trying to get Spring here a little faster! So after a beautiful 4 days what did it do on Monday...blew snow...in Atlanta! Today we are headed back to the 60's and the 70's the next couple days. I can't wait to get out and plant my flowers in a few weeks and I can't wait to see what flowers actually come up this year (bulbs)! I'll be surprised about any since I really don't have a green thumb!

Louise Dubord

Have a good time in Italy! My favorite things in spring are : the tender green of new leaves, the apple trees in bloom and the feel of the warmer wind on your face!

Angela Chong

I love that my son will be on spring break and we can spend more time together and play outdoor.

Rosemary Olas Kovacs

I love how the birds start chirping and it is time to start planting the garden full of veggie's.
I love all of your techniques that you have taught me. I am using them to create and I have been having fun again with scrapping. Thanks.


My favorite part of spring are the tulips!Have a great trip!

Ruth Beckett

Hey, girls, Heidi have fun in Italy, it is a fun place to visit.. loved it!! i love spring for the longer days, the confirmation that nature comes back to life and it is all so beautiful...
can't wait to see tomorrow night's web cast!! woo hoo!!


I love all the flowers and birds. My 1 year old love to watch the birds too. Have fun in Italy.

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