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Jamie Slay

OK-this comment has nothing to do with glimmer mist. Sorry-hate to be random. Several years ago you did a "Measure of a Man" mini book that was in Creating Keepsakes magazine. I would LOVE more info on how you made it so that I can do something similar for an anniversary gift. (I just glimmered a tag-it turned out pretty cute.)

heidi swapp

jamie...i can't believe you remember that... seems like forever ago! i will take some photos.. it would be a fun one to do a web show on... are you in a hurry? i can email you some photos... email me your info! heidi@houseof3.com


Maxine Brittain

Oh, I hope this is the right place to leave a comment to win from tonights show. I missed so much of the show, but look forward to winning.


Awesome show Heidi. Loved the kids coming in and saying Hi.

Lynn Finkelstein

LOOOOVED the show tonight. I'm a big glimmer mess but had so much fun. Love all the little "problems" too - makes you and the whole thing so much more "real" - so many scrapbooking "celebs" have their "face" on - good to see you be a real person and make a mess and mistakes like the rest of us. Thank you for all you do!

Angela Webster

Awesome Heidi! Thank you so much for taking the time to do the free webshow! I love Glimmer mist, have like 80 bottles!


Is this where we leave our comments? Class tonight was FABULOUS, Heidi!

(And what was up with the broken glass at the end of the show? Everybody okay?)

Heidi White

So much fun!

Leslie McLaughlin

Great show Heidi - I did learn to use the clear mist to unify the dots. That will really help I think! Best tip of the night!


Thanks for everything!! Hope all was well - we heard the ending audio that someone was robbed! YIKES! Great class!


Wow I have never seen your show before I really enjoyed it


That was a super fabulous show! Thank you so much!! I learned a ton. My 5 year old loved the show too and insists that I type...'you are a good crafter!' **giggle**

Delores Azary

Great class!! Loved it and am eager to work on my kit! Thanks for the great instructions also! I go by InkyZebra because I always get ink on my hands when I do paper arts!


great class what i saw of it. Will have to work out the time difference so i dont miss it next time. Atleast i can watch it again....and again....and again.

Shiralee Stewart

Loved the show. I have several bottles of GM but didn't know what to do with it. Thanks so much Heidi, I am going to go and have some fun trying your techniques!


I forgot to leave my email addy...I'm not sure how to sign in properly so there is no link. I was the one who has the 5 year old who loved your show!! (she should be in bed..tee hee...) julieoverby@peak.org

Lani Luza

Love the show! Love the "LUCKY" banner! Your creativity is contagious, lady!! :o)

Sherry Collia

I so much love Wed nights now!! Great stuff and lots of laughs. I learning something new each week. Thanks for the class.


Don't know how to leave my name so here is my emai. valkenwill@shaw.ca. Commented 3 min. ago.

Jennifer Seth

Thanks for the awesome show Heidi!!! I had a ball, learned alot and got glimmery!!

Barbara McCarthy

Loved the class tonight! I would love this project. Great (not stencils, but you know what I mean!). I learned so much. You are such a creative person - I love that you share your talent with us!!!!

Sandra King

I loved the class tonight, I learned a lot more about using GM... Thanks Heidi...

Jane Johnson

I loved tonights show. I learned so much tonight. Now I can buy more glimmer mist to use on my scrapbook pages. I loved your banner. You are so creative!!! Thank you for taking the time to help us learn!!


Thanks for the wonderful class! We love you. You are so creative and talented. You are an inspiration!

Mari Matt

Thank you to the moon and back for tonights show...I got some great ideas and the courage to mist with reckless abandon!!! : ) Thanks again for the inspiration!

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