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Great webshow:) Your little ones are too cute!!!

Nancy Summers

What fun the lesson was last night! One question: Heidi mentioned a clear topcoat that she used to blend and smooth the color of the all-turquoise page. Which product is this?


Ruth Beckett

Girls, loved the show, love the green wig, all the gm tips.. sweet children, thanks to Eric for all his hard work... thanks to all, Rhonna, so sorry about the purse, if you are like me, you carry your "life" in there... can't wait to see what you all will do next... hugz to all

A Facebook User

Thanks for all the great new techniques you showed on this show, it gave me a lot of great ideas, now I won`t be so scared of the mess I`m making on the back LOL. So sorry to here about Rhonna`s car and purse being stolen.

Gail LaCroix

I loved the class!! You are such an inspiration and the reason that I purchased Glimmer Mist in the first place (after the first webclass you did about it). Now I'm eager to try the new techniques and colors that you demonstrated this time. Thanks to all of you that took the time to make the class a success (even with the glitches because that happens in real life). I'm excited and I'm dancing...

Kim Strother

Great mini book. I've had some glimmer mist for about a year and I do use it. But I have never used it to blend colors as you did on the show. I really want some of the blending gold mist too. It really seems to make a difference. Thank you for inspiring me!


Loved your show! I'm in a mixed media art group that meets Wed. nights so i can't be live with you, but i watch videos later. My fingers are glimmery.

Marie MIller

Heidi, I loved the video. This is only the second time I have seen one of your videos. You are so much fun to watch.

I have a question. You were using a top coat.I looked around the Tattered Angel website but could not find it. HELP !!!!

Thank you very much

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