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Rachel Carlson

ciao bellas!

simply WOW. looks like a grand time so far. thanks for sharing the adventures. look forward to so much more. ENJOY.

xoxo, rachel

Nancy Wyatt

Oh my! Heidi it looks amazing! I don't think I will ever get to make it to Italy so I'm always grateful to see it through a friends eyes! Thanks for sharing and continue to have an awesome time! hugs from Texas!


Wow!!! Italy is so beautiful. Especially Sorrento. You are right about the colours--hope they will be inspiring for you. Our family also skypes when my husband is TDY or with my daughter on the West Coast--love it. Enjoy the journey, Heidi.

Leslee in MT

Lori Batronis

So very beautiful. Just WOW!!!

Karalyn Burnside

Love love love Italy!! Please have a margarita pizza for me - SO yummy! And have gelato for me too....yummy! :)


I feel like the biggest idiot in the world for not knowing how to leave comments on your blog until now!

Anyway-your pictures are amazing! Thanks so much for sharing them... I cannot wait to visit there!

Have a great time!

Denise Lynkowski

Italy is Number one on my "must visit" list but I don't foresee it happening in the near future. If you don't mind, for now, I am going to live vicariously though you.


Beautiful pics! Enjoy your trip. What an amazing experience to see so many parts of the world. I love Europe. Fascinating!
I was going to send you a text today but then remembered that you didn't take your phone. Enjoy the freedom of not having it!
I will share my thought with you later!!! Hee! Hee!

Paige Tyler

As an Army wife living in Southern Germany I get to eat that pizza all the time! It is soooo delish!!! I think I like its simplicity best. I could easily eat it everyday and not get sick of it.


can I carry your bags? It's lovely...enjoy.

Emmett Radiator Service

Heidi,Went there in November. You HAVE TO go to Capri and an absolute must to drive along the Amalfi Coast. Beautiful does not begin to describe it! Okay and the word Ciao, well every time I heard the word Ciao I thought...CHOW...and thought to myself oh yeah, great food, I'm all over it.....hence the diet for this year...bummer. But the food was worth it. If you remember don't order any beef anywhere...do you see any cows there???? Just a word from experience.


ciao bella! oh, the photos take me back - thank you for sharing my dear! and coca cola light - i'm lovin' it!

Vicki Chrisman

Ohhh.. so beautiful! Hope you guys are enjoying the sights. Safe travles.

Linda Rivera

oh wow heidi how beautiful... everything is lovely. the picture of the statue of blessed mother.. the hillsides

i really live vicariously through you gals. lol- {fear of flying} so thanks for sharing everything your creativity, your travels, wonderful family, bless you get home safe. ciao

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