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Any and all of the songs by Johnny Cash! He is a singer/song writer genius!!!


Oh Heidi, I would love, love, love to win some of your stash.

I am really enjoying Tim McGraw's Southern Voice CD - especially the song "Still". Have a wonderful trip.

Norma Avchin

Nicole Petersen

i listen to whatever is on the radio. thanks for sharing.


I would love to win (I have been listening
to Glee soundtrack), as scrapbooking is
the only escape I have from chronic pain.
I have had 4 major back surgeries, and
got diagnosed with Lupus in October. I try
to scrapbook a little every day.

Kamile Morowitz Santana

Nothing says Figi like a little Shaggy, Baby, You're my Angel. Listening to that today. Man it makes me think of summer.


Would LOVE a chance to win. Thanks.....Kamile


i listen to all my daughters music. she loves country, so anything country

Janaina Oliveira

Thats some awesome Prize !

Angie Nichalson

Heidi...thank goodness you are cleaning out your garage, good things come to us right?? I'm listening to a lot of Timbaland w/Justin Timberlake and even some old rock of Bon Jovi. Enjoy. Angie


Thanx for the inspiration and t'riffic blog candy, Heidi! I'm listening to an old Jason Mraz CD - We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things - and highly recommend it! Have a great trip!


great book is angelas ashes.


I'm listening to MIranda Lambert's "house that built me" She is awesome and I am so glad she so many awards. I love your stuff and I watch all of your shows on Wednesday nights!! Thanks for the great stuff.


I've been into James Blunt lately... and Tina Turner always!

Pick me- what a FAB giveaway!!! Enjoy your trip.


WOW! What a haul! That is some kind of wonderful loot you got there! Love looking at it while listening to Kings of Leon and Owl City.
Thanks for a chance to win!


Enormous amount of fab stuff u r so generous hope I get lucky

Lisa Motta

Can I come live in your garage ? If you have wifi, Im set!
I love my ipod, one of those cant live without items for me. I dont download tons of music, I should have gotten the larger one. But I do love to download podcasts and audio books. You can check them out free from your local library as long as there online, and most are. And its FREE ! Have read alot of books during my daily commute .Also to get my music fix I downloaded an app, Pandora internet radio. Its awesome and again free !You choose the genre of music you want to hear and it plays that for you,virtually commerical free. You must check that out.


Heidi: What awesome goodies! Of course, I'd love to win so as they say "pick me-pick me"! When I'm in my craft room I listen to Pandora Radio and my play list includes Barbra Streisand, Johnny Mathis, th Platters, etc. I like the "old" music -- very soothing to me.


I loved your Fourth of July kit when you made them...got the Houseof3 for it, but still don't know how to do the morphing. Ugh.

Shannon Daley Allor

Yowza! What a huge haul! Count me in...you are a fantastic inspiration!

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