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Bev Froese

Lovely book. Great show tonight. thank you.

Erica Lossmann

I just saw the recorded show, LOVED IT!!! The zebra suit is soo YOU! Lovely Goodies!! Hope I win ;)


Oh no, I'm the first to post, doubt you'll pick #1. ;) I do want to say that your zebra bathing suit is def so you!

Angela Gray

Oh my goodness! If I could actually be the one to win this you might have to have paramedics deliver it instead of the UPS man. lol! I love all this stuff. Your album is gorgeous, as is all the things you touch. ♥ Huge fan here.

Kathy Morgan

Heidi...your album is amazing! The colors are perfect...I had such fun watching your show tonight...I would love to win some of your awesome goodies!

Maxine Brittain

Heidi, I so love your book. And I am glad you chose the brown and white polka swim suit. I think that one is soo pretty. I also wanted to tell you thanks for a chance to win some goodies. Happy mail is always so much better than bills.

Susan Dodge

Loved the show tonight! My wish list just got a lot longer :) Love all of your new products! Have fun in Figi!

Faline Gee

Your album is so cute, can't wait to see what you do with your Fiji pictures... Thanks for sharing and a chance to win some goodies!


Love your swimsuit choices! Love the album, am watching the show now! I want some heidi goodies :)

Gina Nathan

Love the book. Cant wait to see the video, am waiting til I get broadband installed on Friday, then I can watch them ALL!! Like the swimsuits!

Sue Bone

Time difference isn't condusive to watching the show live but I have scheduled time for it later today. I've preordered the tags and they look so gorgeous.

Kathryn Virello

Love the Dots suit! I wish your videos were closed captioned so us Deaf and Hard of Hearing could enjoy them too.

Thank you for the opportunity to win! I love your products.

Artful Blessings,


I love the book!
Can't wait to see what Janet is up to!

Kelly Hollstrom

Love the brown suit and your Italy book, you are such an artist! Kelly

Irene Cruz

Love the book...thanks for showing all the pictures. I just watched the web show. I now have a list of new TA products that I want to try:) Thanks for a chance to win a great prize.

Krystal Harris

oh my I love TA and have just starting to experimenting with it!

Elisa Kammerdiener

Love your travel album... Glimmer mist is one of my top 10 things to use. My favorite color is Key Lime.. hehe Love that green. Would love to win all that loot.

Elisa K

Dawn McLeod

I loved your classes in SJ a couple weeks ago and I can't wait to get the add on pages for the fastination album. I learned so much more about the glimmer mists and using them so much more now, thanks! So glad to learn about your webshow too!!

Helen Mills

Thank goodness your trip wasn't now - you'd be stuck in Europe for DAYS with the volcanic ash - my parents are stuck in Portugal and are being told 2nd May for a flight home (they should have been back last weekend!!!)

LOVE your Italy album - I am in awe that you can put together the book so quick after the event - it's perfect for the trip and the place looks fabulous!

Cate Shepherd

Love the album. And those swim suits...LOVE!!!!

Denise Mills

Beautiful album! I will watch the video tomorrow and find out about those swim suits!

Diana Martin

What an amazing album and gorgeous goodies!! xo


The webshow was awesome. Got to have one of those suits. I can't believe how much you gave away tonight. It was exciting waiting to see who would win. Can't wait to see what you do with your Fiji photos. have fun!

Gwen Lafleur

I love both of the swim suits... so cute! And that mini album is amazing. I'm totally drooling over it!

Kimberly DeMucha Kalil

I was looking at the polka dot suit for myself! So cute.

What a wonderful album, you inspire me with all you do.

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