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Ginger Hollner

Heidi pick me!!! Your old stuff is new to me cause not a lot of it made it to my area and I LOVE YOU!! You line is timeless seriously. I still use your chipboard letters and your big flowers (some of the only things I could get my hands on). Your bathing suits are adorable!!


That polka dot suit is SO cute!
Love your Italy mini, the different page shapes/sizes are great!

Elzbieta Kaminski

Love your mini album! you inspire me with all you do. elzbieta


I loved the swimsuits - gotta order one!


Love that polka dot suit! This is a beautiful album...what a great show! Mel H


What a cool book! I would love to make one like that and a trip like that also!! And definitely, the polka dot suit is so you!


What sweet bathing suits! Heidi, last night's webcast was awesome! Love your book! :)
teri weber


What great swim suits!! And that mini album - wow!! What an inspiration!

Renee' Smith

Love your album...and everything else you make :) Thanks for all of the inspiration!

Emily Maldonado Torrales Cordero

Adore the album...I really like the brown dots!!! so cute! Amazing inspiration...huge fan here in NJ! 4 U and Ho3! wow! thats all i can say, wow:) watching video again

Kay Cuneio

Heidi you are certainly blessed with an eye for design and creativity!! Thanks for the opportunity to win your generous giveaways!

Ernesitne Boyd

Wow....all your new products are get....thanks for the webshows i'm hooked.


Love the travel book.. thank you for posting the pictures. Missed the webcast last night as I was laying laminate flooring for my daughter, but will be watching later today. Cute swimsuits, oh and awesome giveaway, again.

fay copeland

I would have also picked the brown polka dot suit as i love polka dots. I have so many polka dot stamps. Your album is beautiful. I am off to watch the rest of the show from last night as my computer froze up. what i saw was great. fay

Kathryn Ison

I love how you used the Tailored Tags in your Italia mini book. It caused me to have an 'AHA!' moment!

Jennifer Emily

What an amazing book. I love all the texture. I'd love to win. I'm going to a scrapbooking retreat soon and I could put all that bling to good use!

Ashley Nickel

Your mini book is GORGEOUS!!! The colors/rustic style are perfect. I went to Italy when I was 14, wish I could go again! You have some amazing talent.

Laurie Raiche

I love all your new products. There is so much it is mind boggling. I want it all. Thanks for a chance to win all the goodies.

Account Deleted

Super cool goodies (hope I win). Love that Italy book. You're inspiring me to finish my Greece book (which I set aside 3 years ago...sadly). How do you work so fast!

Kimberly Snell

Hey Heidi - would love to win!! :) have a great time on your trip and by the way - can anyone order from Tattered Angels website or do you have to be a wholesaler? love their kit of the months and would love to get my hands on one sometime! you make it look so easy and most importantly FUN!

Amy Shumway

So loved the video and the swimsuits. You are so stinkin' cute Heidi. Thanks for the chance to win all of these fabulous goodies!

Ginny Petitt

This album is awesome, especially with the beautiful postcard pictures! Love it! These giveaways are over the top! Thanks for all the inspiration you give!


Yay! I can't wait to hear your top-20 picks for Glimmer Mist. I (literally) want one of each color, but I'm pretty sure my husband wouldn't dig that, so starting with 20 will be awesome!
Kristen in Roseville, CA


I love your bathing suites and the webshow was great!

Lisa Along

Absolutely gorgeous album, Heidi! Thanks for sharing it and a chance to win!

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