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Irene Cruz

I can't wait for this weeks Web Show. I'm just learning how to use my Silhouette and I'm LOVIN it.

My vote for show time is 9pm.

Mandy Blake

later would work for us in New Zealand... cos it is mid afternoon the next day when you are live...so later would mean i can see it live when home from work!!!!!! and join in with ALL the fun!!!!


I'll watch it recorded. I'm in the Eastern time zone most of the time and sometimes in Pacific time. I'm bi-coastal! So, 7pm (10 my time during daylight savings) is probably the latest I would be able to watch live. I just love your energy. I stopped into Scrapbook, Etc in Mesa one time to meet Noell Hyman from Paperclipping. It's a fantastic store and when I read your post that you are going to be there I actually contemplated flying there! Thank you for great products and a terrific show and blog.


would love to view it live! but 7 is like 3 in the morning here? love you but love sleep more ;-) so 9 would mean 5 in the morning much better!


Had so much fun with you this weekend - feel like such a lucky girl! The projects are amazing and Time and Season really touched me. Can't wait for Weds Web show - would love it if you moved it back to 8 or 9 - either one! Have fun in your upcoming travels!

Sue Taylor

Heidi, 9pm would be a great time for me since it would be 8am Dubai time (I think!) and I could watch the live show over breakfast, yay! Loving the shows so far!

Michele Bird

Hey Heidi, I live in Australia and later would be heaps better. Even though its Thursday mid day here it would be better later as it then means I can watch the show when I get home from work and catch your specials you often have on the Hof3 site before 12am. 7pm mountain time means 11am which means I can't even sneek a peek at the live show in my lunch hour :).So excited about doing your class in Brisbane!!! Thank you!!!

If I Can...You Can

Hi Heidi,

I like the time since I am on the East Coast. If you moved to 8 mst that would be ok but 9 is too late for me and I really, really love to watch it LIVE. I plan my week around your show. You are my favorite “sitcom” on TV.

But, if you move it, I will just watch it recorded, still great, but I would miss the chat!!

Any chance you are coming to the East Coast to teach? I would LOVE to take one of your classes.

One last question, I have been a House of 3 creative fool lately and would love to post a link to my blog posts but I don’t see anywhere on the site to do that. Is there a gallery or forum anywhere? I also thought there was an announcement last week about a Flicker group but I can’t find that link. Thanks for any help with this. I really appreciate it.

Pam K.


For me, it would be too late....so I could only do the recorded version - shucks!!!
So many people to consider though, so hopefully, whatever works for the majority...


oh please, please don't change the time. i'm on the east coast, so the 9pm start time is about as late as i can go with having to be at work at 7am the next morning. if we could still access the giveaway printables or other "specials" for the next 24 hours or so i'd watch it recorded, but i like to tune in live so i can take advantage of your printables generosity ;) plus i so look forward to getting the kids in bed and sitting down to watch the webshow @ 9pm-it is one of the highlights of my week! i guess i could suck it up if you started one hour later at 10pm east coast time, but to start at 11pm on the east coast would just not be doable.
thanks heidi!

Kathryn Hollis

8 or 9 would work for me. And my husband would love a later time - since at the time it is now he has to put all the kids to bath, bed, etc by himself while I'm locked in my room watching you :)


As another east-coaster, moving it any later would mean I couldn't watch it live. With 2 busy kids, I find it hard to stay up late and then function the next day. Just my 2 cents ;)


Hi Heidi, for me it's all the same... 7pm your time is 3am my time, so of you go live one or two hours later it's still night time over here! So i'm a recorded version watcher!
I love the show and i often create along with you! I look forward to it all week (especially now i can't do much because i'm on chemo) and it brightens every Thursday! Thanks for all the inspiration!!!


for the central savings time I would not be able to watch LIVE if you push it back. But I could watch the recorded webshow.


An hour tow two later sounds good - but I'm only one ahead of you (central). Good luck deciding ;) We all love the shows!


Hi Heidi..I am in the mountain time zone as well and love the 7pm but could do 8 or 9. There are folks out there with far more challenges than me so hopefully your decision will work for as many as possible. Love your Wednesday night show..I look forward to it every week..:)


Hi Heidi ... I'm in the Eastern time zone, so 9:00 pm works great for us here, I think ... if you decide to move it an hour or two later, I think a lot of us east-coasters will have to watch the recorded version because it'll be just too late for us to stay up. And that would be a bummer because we love participating in the live chat! Thanks and have a great week ahead.

Stefani Meyer

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for coming to see us in San Jose! It was so fun! I love my projects! I love your style and your energy!

I will watch the webshow whenever it is. The current time has it's positives and negatives, but if you changed it, it would create new positives and negatives. I'll make it work whatever you decide.

Ruth Beckett

Heidi, it would be fine to move the time to later for me, but i am more flexible than most as i am in central daylight time zone and do not have a job outside the home, but absolutely what will work for the greater good, want to make it as easy as possible for you all... hugz, Ruth

Suzette Lee

Pushing this back another hour wouldn't be too bad for those of us on Eastern time. But I'm a die hard and would try to stay up late if this was pushed all the way to 11 p.m. Eastern, because Hof3 rocks and love watching in live and the chat!

Gunn Mandal

Hello Heidi
I love to watch the show live, and to push myself to stay awake since it is 3 am here in Norway. If you do the show later, I have to see the recorded version. THat ain`t bad, but I will really miss the chat.
I am so looking forward to this weeks show.
Wish you a great day.


L*O*V*E if it stayed the same...one hour later wouldn't be too bad-but two hours later is tough. (i live in new jersey)...look forward to wednesday nights! thanks for everything...

Danielle Merry

I love your your guys live shows!!! I watch the live shows @ 8:00 p.m from WISCONSIN.......but almost always have to watch it again do to being a single mother with a 16 month old baby girl needing my attention! So I would really love it if the shows were a lil later. Thanks again for all the creative work you do. You guys really inspire me everyday and you make my life a lil more enjoyable every week :)
XOXO Connergirl

Jill Nash

Dear Heidi,
Loved your class at Scrapbook Island, it was worth the 3 hr drive. I only got to stay for the Friday Night class due to a family Baptism on Saturday. But loved your energy and all the great techinques you taught. I would love for your to change the Web show to 9pm then my kids our in bed easier to watch. Thanks for all your great ideas. Jill Nash from Lincoln CA

Carrie P

So love Wednesday evenings. Just let me know what time, I'm Pacific, so an hour earlier for me.

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