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Ruth Beckett

I look forward to the long days of daylight as do not like short days of darkness.. looking forward to having a vacation of some sorts to take pic to scrapbook!!
congrats to Cory!


OOooh what pretty baubles! I am looking forward to long weekends away from the heat!

Lisa Macomber

love Scarlet Lime! Only kit club I am in at the moment....as for this summer, it would be sleeping in! Now if my kids will cooperate and not get up at the crack of dawn perhaps we can sleep in, which would be anything past 7am!!

Sherry Sund

The flowers, I love all of the bright colors and smells that fill the back yard (after all of the work is done)lol, working with my kids in the garden, steppijg out on the back steps to pick little yellow tomatoes. Yea to summer!!

Corinne Braun

Congrats to Cory! that's an awesome acheivement.
as to what i'm looking forward to this summer? not much but moving! moving from a house with 6 people to a different house by myself. that in itself is worth celebrating!


How much do I love Christy and Scarlet Lime!!! She's the best! I would love to win this! I am very much looking forward to a little mini-getaway with the kids in 3 weeks!

Sue Bone

We will be having our half term holiday of a week starting tomorrow, so the summer holidays still seem to be some weeks away. I'm looking forward to going to Cirque du Soleil.


Yay, Cory! Great job!!!

I can't wait to NOT have to wake up early to pack lunches (never really got into that "night before" thing...;)) - scrapping outside & dirty little outdoor-smelling kids (loooove that smell...)

Thanks for the chance to win!

Tracey Ireland

I am looking forward to no homework. Or should I say not reminding them about homework and studying!

Love the Scarlet Lime opportunity!

Tammy Kist

looking forward to being lazy, sort of :) And can't wait to see my oldest when she comes for a visit.


Summer means swimming....lots of it! I am so excited for some fun in the sun! I love this bead art stuff....so fun!


Wonderful giveaway...I can't wait for the lazy days of summer with minimal schedules and just enjoying each other's company. This past while has been so crazy I feel like we haven't seen each other much. Bring on the sunshine!


wow! thanks for the heads up about the new stuff at scarlet lime, it looks fabulous! this summer i am really looking forward to the easy going lazy days!

Tami Guthrie Rowden

Smell of freshly cut grass, tomatoes from the garden, ice-cream lady coming through the neighborhood, WATERMELON!, baseball, camping and the SUN!

Erika Taylor

Being able to spend some time doing things outside with the children. Our sons first hockey camp, Sleeping under the stars and CHA!!!


Looking forward to the kids being home and all of us playing together.


Congrats to Cory! Well my favorite thing every summer to look forward to is watching all (100 plus) games of baseball that my 17 year will play in this summer. We just have a blast traveling to new places/states, being with family and friends watching my son play some great ball. Great giveaway too! My fingers are crossed really hard :)

Rena Allred

So Pretty! I love those pink beads too!!

I am looking forward to the HOT weather, warm nights, crickets chirping and late night walks with the family!

Lara Read

I'm looking forward to it just being warm so we can do some boating and hiking! Love the scarlet lime stuff! Thanks!

Elisha Wiggins

Oh I am so looking forward to not having to pack all of those darn lunchboxes and water bottles everyday. I still have to make lunch for my kids, I know, but at least now it doesn't involve 25 baggies and all of those containers, plastic cutlery, etc...


Congratulations to Cory! I am most looking forward to seeing my grandparents and the rest of my family in July. Thanks for the chance to win!


this is soo cool, I have been dying to try some of this beading stuff!! This summer I am looking forward to some family and beach time.

Lisa M

I've already planted my flowers so I have the "pretty up the place" thing going on. Next week is cleaning...especially the scraproom so that I can be very creative this summer. I love to sit in my scraproom and look out at the pretty flowers blooming! I'm looking forward to getting together with friends and attending various scrap events!

Lisa Bramill

So pretty. I have always wanted one of these.
I can't wait for watermelon kisses & sticky finger hugs from smores. Spending time with my family camping, swimming, and hiking.

Amy Shumway

I am looking forward to sunshine, watermelon, my kid's sunkissed faces, and lots of fun pictures to take!!

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