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Parade, bar-b-que, carnival & fireworks...on both the 3rd & the 5th!

Carrie P

Fun day, Church in the morning, pool in the afternoon, and bar-b-que with friends in the evening, and fireworks in the street once it got darker. relaxing fun day celebrating our freedoms!

Cindy Royal

I stayed in my craft space July 4th this year! Loved it!

Lindzie Head

We went out to this property in Florida and lit "illegal" fireworks (by Utah's standard anyways). It was a lot of fun! My husband also got me to shoot a gun :)

Kelly Massman

We got together with family--fireworks and picnic/BBQ/and bocce! Thanks for a chance to win!

Gwen Lafleur

What a fun kit! I was lucky enough to be in Monterey with my family for the 4th. We celebrated with volleyball, walks on the beach, BBQ and a family party that evening. The only bummer was that this year there were no fireworks in Monterey, but we had fun anyway!


We spent the 4th weekend visiting my family in Canada so we watched Canada Day fireworks on the 1st and just hung out in the back yard. Played some badminton, visited some wineries and had a family photo shoot. My sister just had a baby girl and we visited with little Sophia Lyne.


Summer Braxton

We kept it relaxed this year. The 4th was our first day with no plans in 3 weeks!!!! We were grateful to stay home with nothing to do but read good books and play family games.


July fourth wasn't as fun as the years past but it doesn't mean I didn't enjoy myself. My family and I went and got burgers and played outside. I took many pictures and got a great special one of my son and me. No fireworks, or friends or bbqs but it was a great day spending it with family!

Anda Williams

We had a low key but fun July 4th a bbq with friends and neighbors some cake for all the july birthdays and some fireworks and spraklers to make everyone smile!! Thanks for a give-a-way :-)


We had a great dinner at some new friends' house...and then...stood under umbrellas in the pouring rain and watched the kids like fireworks. It will be one to remember, that's for sure - a very typical wet Seattle 4th of July....

Jen Han

We go ride at the sand dunes, then we go to our best friends house mid-day and eat, talk and let the kids light off all the fireworks, then go to the city fireworks and watch those from the hillside


We spend it in Cape Cod Massachusetts !!!!!!!

Pam Cook

We went to Ohio to celebrate with family. One night was a cookout with my brother's family and the evening of the 4th, we had an ice cream social with DH's family.

Ruth Beckett

We also had a very low key day, but to celebrate a little early we had a patriotic crop and it was amazing, gift bags, contests, giveaways, songs.. and lots of american food and patriotic banner... woo hoo... it was USA all the way!!!

Alison Molumby

It was Hot HOt HOT here in New York state, but we braved the heat and went to a small-town parade, then barbequed with family for dinner.


My dad had been in cardiac ICU so we didn't want to go anywhere far so we drove to the end of our subdivision near the desert to watch fireworks from Apache Junction High School. My step daughter and I had just set out our lawn chairs when I noticed a coyote down the street and kids yelling 'COYOTE!' At first i thought it was a joke, but then the coyote started running towards me and even brushed by my thigh with it's wiry hair. I was scared to pieces so we sat in our car with the a/c turned on and watched from there.

Sandra Matsuba

Spent the day with family and friends.


This fourth of July was by far the best celebrated yet. My family and I enjoyed vintage aircrafts flying overhead all morning. We then accomplished some much needed yardwork/landscaping. The weather was unbelievably cool for July so we took the opportunity and used it to our advantage. And I had the happily priveledge of cooking all day for us. I cooked everything on the grill and it was all so delicious. I only wish there were more days like this one, I could go away a happy girl.

[email protected]


This kit is adorable!

Anyway, we celebrated our 4th with family. I made star-shaped brownies and put red, white & blue sprinkles on top. They were adorable. Served up with a heaping scoop of vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup topping. The best star-spangled brownie sundaes ever! Grilling and hanging out with family! Also stopping to remember my father-in-law, who was killed on the 4th of July in an accident. Independence Day is always bittersweet for us!

Deb Cronkhite

fun, fun, fun.....cook out at my daughter's house. Played with 2 1/2 yr old grandson. Hot dogs, ice cream, cookies...yummmmm. Lots of family, friends, and great times.

Kathryn Hollis

I wish I had something exciting to write about. My husband took our two boys out for fireworks, etc at our church. I stayed home with our 6 year old daughter who had a fever of 103. But I did have a nice time w/ her, just the two of us cuddling.

Angie Nichalson

Hey Heidi...we boated, relaxed, laughed, and watched fireworks with family and friends. (fought off bug bites too!)

Britney McEntire

We spend our 4th in Salina with my 82 year old grandma. We love it --- small town rodeo, parade, fair, and fireworks ... love it! And this kit is soooooo cute!! :)


We celebrate on both the 3rd and the 4th. Our local town does fireworks on the 3rd. We always go over to a friend's house where we play music for hours with at least 20 people singing, including "You're A Grand Old Flag" for when the dessert cake makes its appearance covered with blueberries and strawberries to look like our flag. On the 4th we had a family BBQ with 4 generations. Fun!

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