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Oh goody goody gumdrops! What a great giveaway!
We celebrated the 4th at the lake. It rained the whole day Saturday, so Sunday was sunny and clear. We played in the water on the seadoos and layed out, rode the golf cart around, picked blackberries, made homemade ice cream, and ate, ate, ATE! It was fantabulous.
We then drove the boat over to the marina where they set off beautiful fireworks. It was amazing.
The best part of it all was the fellowship. My grandparents, parents, sister and fiance, boyfriend and my daughter all are amazing people that I just love to be around. Isn't it great when you ENJOY being with family?!

Marty Walden

We always make homemade oreo ice cream and go to the city fireworks and sit in a parking lot and watch them. Then we have a few sparklers and such of our own.

Suz Gray

we had a cookout and enjoyed the hot summer day


The 4th of July weekend is a highlight of the year for our family - we have a family reunion at the lake with lots of tubing, waterskiing, eating and catching up with cousins.


We celebrated with a fun trip to the ER! LOL! The Hubbums had a sudden kidney stone and that was our adventure for the day. We did, somehow, make it to the roof of the Boston Museum of Science to watch the fireworks t the last minute, though! It rocked!


We watched the big fireworks show that our town does on the 3rd. And of course the (big) parade on the 4th. It was nice just to have an extra day off of work:) Thanks for the giveaway!

Cynthia B.

Actually, I couldn't celebrate that much because I was recovering from sickness that weekend. :(
But - we'd just come back from our cruise vacation on July 2, so my family was still all together. We had a very low-key Fourth, including watching World Cup soccer and the last Harry Potter movie. So nothing traditional, but we were together and having fun. :D
Cynthia from Cypress TX

Andrea MacDonald

Well being in Canada we didn't celebrate the 4th of July but July 1st! WE went to the city to take part in all of the fabulous festivities that were going on including a live performance outside by the Pacific Coast Ballet.

Secret Sister

we celebrated this year at a family vacation watching fireworks over a waterpark. My oldest just loved it.

Account Deleted

We went to a cookout/pool party! My mom's hubby's birthday is the 3rd and hers is the 4th, so it was a great way to celebrate both, as well as the holiday. ;)

Thanks for the chance to win!!
- April W

Evelyn Pintor

With it being sooo hot in AZ my hubby and I stayed inside and had fireworks of our own!!

Diane Rubatino

Family, fireworks and food!

Dawn Hetrick

We went to the cabin and watched the fireworks on the Lake.

Amy Goldstein

We spent the 4th at a local "Old Fashioned" celebration watching real train robberies and viewing quilting contests and drinking lemonade and having so much fun. Fireworks later that night, of course, at the local high school. Totally fun! Great giveaway, Heidi! :)

Brenda Lubrant

We had a low key 4th this year. We just went to a local fireworks show and it and the weather was enjoyable.


I can't believe i have not scrapped it yet but i am glad i havent! These would make some great pages!!!

Brittany Burnett

Our cul-de-sac had its 3rd annual block party--complete with a 36-ft bouncy pirate ship for the kids! We see fireworks from a local hotel and resort, so after our parade we just hung out until nightfall! So fun. And thanks for the chance to win--the kit is DARLING!


I was invited to a bbq, and did absolutely noooo cooking......but I helped!

Elizabeth Codd Simpson

I'm Canadian, so I we don't celebrate July 4th - we celebrate July 1st instead! This year (as we do every year), we stayed over (in a tent) at my inlaws on June 30th so we'd be there bright and early for the celebrations their town puts on for the holiday. First there is a boat parade, then a dog show, then a parade down Main Street (with free candy, freezies, and even t-shirts this year!), then a BBQ back at the house, then a concert and fireworks at night, followed up with another night of backyard camping. It was a wonderful day indeed!


Lani L.

Surrounded by some of my favorite people in the world, relaxing - poolside! Simple pleasures! :o)


1st, i would like to say, what a great webshow last night! hof3's new line with pink paislee is simply L*U*S*C*I*O*U*S...
you guys outdid yourselfs! i will be hoarding is one...wink!
love the 4th of july & the feel around for the love of this country! red, white & blue everywhere, a good parade, bb-q & fireworks to top the night!
thanks for the chance to win!



Kimberly Snell

we went with our family to an awesome parade then off to a BBQ with a large part of our family - great to see everyone - such a fun holiday!!!


We had a bbq and went to my parents to watch the fireworks from the fairground by them. Great family time.

Molly Morris

We always go to Augusta for the 4th of July. My parents neighborhood have an actual parade in their subdivision. I swear there are 75+ year old baton twirlers, grandpas on Harleys and airplanes that fly overhead to excite the grandkids. It is amazing and truly hysterical!

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