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Celebrated my niece's birthday and went to fireworks


We celebrated over 5 days this year!! Nothing to exciting, just lots of family time. We were content to have my husband home this year for the holiday!

Erica Thomas

My cousin got married on the 3rd, so it was a wedding weekend for us. On the 4th, we went to my aunt's and had a cookout!

Ellie Augustin

Well my kids and I made red/blue jello and cupcakes and enjoyed our annual get together to watch the fireworks. It was a wonderful weekend indeed :)


It was a great weekend. Our church has 'church in the park' over the 4th of July weekend and we help out at our local 4th of July event at the park. This year 'church in the park' was on Saturday because the local event is an all day fair ending with a fireworks show. So we started Saturday with baseball in the morning and then church in the park. On Sunday, we had more baseball and then fireworks and fun at the park.


Parade, carnival, fireworks on two days, the 3rd & the 5th in two different cities...lots of pics to scrap!


We celebrated by watching fireworks and eating lots of good food!


we had a bbq with great friends and watched fireworks!

Laura Stewart

great kit !


Steak, apple pie, watermelon, family, dogs,watch the neighbors fireworks!

Tina Shepherd

We had a crazy weekend. My husband had to work on Saturday, when so many places celebrated... on the actual Fourth we enjoyed our time together as a family and celebrated the 12th annversary of our engagement. He gave me my very own "sparkler" on the Fourth of July 1998 to ask me to marry him :)

Katarina Maserak

Since I'm swedish we don't celebrate 4:th of july, but I celebrated my 11:th anniversary by going on a vacation to Mallorca :)

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