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We are finishing up a production of Guys and Dolls that we've been working on all summer! The show goes up this weekend for three performances!


Our last summer fling is to go camping up north to Lake Tahoe. :) we love to be outdoors and go with lots of friends to cook together and hike together and appreciate God's beauty.

Donna Tullis

OHHHHH...luv their kits...hummm..last fling - im gonna be at a class at my local scrapbook store this weekend...can't hardly wait! thanks for the chance to win!

Jane Strand

Last fling will be a trip to the pool. Not too exciting but relaxing before the school year starts.


These are fabulous!! Thank you for the oppurtunity! My last fling...was without our children! My husband and I went fishing (My first time River fishing)and we had the best time. We drove for 2 hours...and caught up on one another, fished, had a picnic, fished some more and then went to dinner in Tahoe on our way home. Other than smelling like a fish, it was a wonderful day alone with my husband!

Wendy Fitzpatrick

My daughter and I are going to my mom's to have a girl's weekend! I'm leaving all the boys home with Dad :-) My last weekend before school and soccer games!


Well we don't start school here till 9/8 so we still have Summer left today is actually my son's last day of Baseball camp and its gonna be an awesome day after his closing ceremony we are going to head to the park where we are gonna have a Bubble Blast Party (all things bubbles!) and then next week we are heading to the City for the museum, Seaport, Flower Garden,Central Park and ice cream.. We are gonna make sure to end the Summer with a BANG! :)

Diane Rubatino

One more trip to the beach cabin hopefully will cap off the summer.
Thanks for a chance to win awesome prizes.


A fun trip to the Mall of America!

Heather Bellanger

love the kits filled with bits and pieces of goodness! We went to the beach for our last summer adventure - we didn't a litle thing like the BP Oil spill ruin our fun!

Stacey Klug

Summer vacation is already over for us :( Kids headed back to school last week. But this weekend we are grilling out with friends! :)


Our last fling is a weekend at the Oregon Coast - can't wait! Luckily, school doesn't start for us until the 31st :)

Lisa Kelly

Love the colors in these kits!

We just came back from our last summer fling at the best water park in Texas - Schlitterbahn and then spent a day at Fiesta Texas.

Linda Thomson-Shewchuk

we had a summer filled with love, laughter and then sorrow (my dad passed away).

so i am hoping to fill the last week with my girls back @ home and cuddling on the couch, watching movies & playing with the animals. we really need to be back home & relax.


Cute kits!! Unfortunately, we will spend our last summer weekend doing some last-minute back-to-school shopping. It's tax-free weekend in Texas, and I really don't want to be out among the crowds, but there hasn't been any other time to do this necssary shopping. However, we have had some fun beach trips, and other short weekend getaways, so it was a fun summer, but everyone is ready to get back in the swing of things.

Heather Verran

I LOVE their kits! My last summer fling is spending all Sunday at the beach with my boyfriend, and then going to the movies Monday night with him! Thanks for the chance to win!


Very cute kits! Unfortunately I will be working no last flings for me this year. I work for a software company and we have release date of 8/30. That is the day my kids back to school. So we are hoping to do a fall fling!

Maxine Brittain

Well those kits are right up my alley! Love Little Black Dress. Put my name in the pot!!

Cristal Fabrizio

School started 2 weeks ago - so flings are over. But the kids are going to an all-nighter at a local water park, with our church group outreach. We're volunteering to help - so I guess that's a fling. Not something I do normally.


We just had our summer last fling - lol. We spent 1 week in Washington DC. These kits are fab! Thanks for a chance to win!


I love kits!! I'm addicted and these are awesome! Great sponsor and spectacular give away! Thanks!!!


Oops! Forgot my summer fling!! It will be meeting my best friend in AZ for Creative Escape!!! Can't wait!

Alison Carlson

Wow! Those kits look amazing!
Well, here in Minnesota there is a special exhibit of the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Science Museum. So, we are looking forward to see that this weekend.


what a great giveaway!! My last summer fling is playing hookey with my daughter today because she leaves for South Korea tomorrow and will be there for a minimum of one year! I will miss her...but with these kits, I could document so much about our "last day" together...as well as her adventures away.....

Tamara Wheeler

Love Little Black Dress! Thanks for the great giveaways!

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