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My daughter started back to school on 7/28, but our last fling in July was going to San Diego Zoo and Sea World. We live in Orange County, an hour away, but we got a hotel room and had a little mini-getaway! Lots of fun...

Karen Dodson

These kits are AMAZING!!

School started the beginning of August here, but to me, summer's not over until Labor Day. So... my last summer fling will be driving to Panama City, FL for Labor Day weekend with just me and my daughter. It will be our first ever mommy/daughter trip! I'm so excited!!!


What a great giveaway! I am already a member and have all of those kits...they are fantastic! Last fling...youngest daughter went back to school last Wed...olders go back to college this Monday...last fling...wonderful breakfast out on Tuesday with aunt and grandma and girls..! By the way, Heidi..your items in Scrapbook Etc. magazine are AWESOME! You do jewelry now..fantastic! And your halloween card was so darned cute...!!! What a treat for me to see! Linda in Denver :)

Carrie P

Summer ended here Wednesday, so glad that I saw the webcast, made me feel better. Summer is my fav for lots of reasons. But Friday after school had a fun date with by BFF!
Love these kits,

Anne-Jeanette Sjöström

My last summer fling will be celebrating my birthday next weekend :) Great kits! Thanks for the chance to win.


My girls start Monday - planning a last summer movie tomorrow after church. What great kits!!!


I went to my very first CKC this weekend. Great fun!


Great kits! Thanks for the chance to win. Our last summer fling will be a relaxing day at home when school starts on Monday. We have been so busy this summer with softball, volleyball and caring for my FIL with a broken ankle, so one day with the family with nothing on the schedule.

Gina Landry

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these kits!!! Thank you, sponsors!!!!!!!!!!


Love Heidi Swapp, love the LBD!

Last fling of summer will actually be in early fall - a multi-year mini high school reunion 30+ years later! We have more fun now than we did "back in the day"!!!


Very Cute kits.... My last summer fling - Creative Escape,,,of course :-) Can't wait!!!!

Robin Nordmeyer

LOVE, LOVE, these kits. Our last summer fling was a long weekend with my kids and husband in Memphis before he deployed to Afghanistan for one year. And Memphis was awesome!

Diane Howard

WOW...a dream come true to win even ONE of these kits! My "summer end fling" is cleaning out my computer/scrapbooking room! {Woop-de-do!} AND I just came across one of LBD mini books that was part of a class I took several years ago at CKU! LOVED it then...love it now! Thanks for the opportunity!


Last fling was a quick trip last week to Las Vegas a la "family" style = staying in a Hampton Inn and hiking for two days out at Red Rock Canyon. Awesome giveaway, Heidi!


Love these kits !!! We already started school & had our last fling !! We went to our favorite park and had a small picnic there !! Just realxing & perfect :)
Thanks for the opportunity!

Teresa Mariotti

My last fling was a wonderful two wks. with my grandkids...10 and 8. The wonder of life is so much fun to rediscover when they are around!


Even though my kids have already started school, Im having one last GIRLS fling to the beaches of Santa Rosa Florida. Nothing but sun, books, girls and a whole lotta laughing!

Elaine Workman0461

Love the kits. My last summer fling will be my time in Arizona at Creative Escape. Then, it's back to the grindstone for the rest 0f the year.

Elaine in Jersey


Love, Love, Love these kits!!!


Last little fling of summer was to take a ride in a borrowed bright blue convertable corvette with my hubby on a beautiful summer night!


I just love being "Mom" and I have watched my kid's just growing into young men faster and faster. I know I have to learn to let them fly but this Summer with both now being in high school , they are 14 and 16 our summer was spent in school sports. So, this last weeks im going to have my car in the shop and were renting a mustang convertable and hitting the beach. Plus, the one son is turning 16 this week. Ton and Tons of pictures.

Robyn Stanley

OMG! What an amazing give away. Our summer has not began yet but I am soooo looking forward to the warm summer days, barbeques, trips to the beach and Cricket!!

Heather Koehler Svien

These kids are to die for, beautiful! Our last summer fling is a few days camping and beaching it at a lake with the whole family and lots of great friends.

Samantha Wales

Oh my goodness how I would love to have these kits. They are so lovely and so are all the layouts I have seen created with them.

Pam Cook

My last summer fling every year is baking a banana cake for my husband's birthday. I have to open the windows and turn on fans to deal with having an oven on in September but hey - he's worth it!

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