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Landys Bradley

I love Rum Raisin, Vintage Pink and Rose Tea - but I like the "softer colors"

Emma Tandy Nicholls

I'm love turquoise blue, candle light and graphite at the moment but It does change as I love playing But I'm really loving the new colours and can't wait to get them.


I LOVE tatterd angel's, i esp LOVE them now your teamed up with them!!!! My fav's are viva pink & key lime pie, cant wait 4 these new product's!!

Danna Jones

My favorite's are the new fall colors, can't wait to use them now that the kids are in school and i have a few days of vacation left!


I actually have 2 sets of FAVORITE color combos!!
They are: Piece of Heart(which is the autism speaks special fundraising GM) I LOVE IT because its beautiful and it helps a good cause and its $5.00 on the TA site AWESOME!!
Anyway: Piece of Heart, Wheatfeilds, Lily Pad, Viva Pink and then Pearl for a top coat!! This combo ROCKS!!
Then: My new love is Autumn Nights, Popsicle, Patina, Peacock chalkboard GM and then I spray marshmallow over slightly like a light speckly mist and this looks SO AWESOME!!! You've just got to try it!! Anyway, can't wait to see all of the great ideas!! Have a GREAT DAY!! Thanks for the chance to win!! (countryfun) Larissa Heskett


I am so drawn to the blue hues - so i am loving turq blue, patina, frozen lake - add a little marshmallow or graphite and perhaps a touch of mermaid ... HEAVEN!

Anna Vaschina

Lovin' tutti fruiti and sunshine. Very sweet.


I am in Christmas mood now and am loving the Metallics Gold, Burnt Red and Meadow Green.

Robyn Wilkinson

hey Heidi...so woulddddddd love to win this, thanks Rachael
love what you did today with Peacock and was it persimmon, any ways the tag you did that with was amazinggggggg and that is my fave and i am so gunna get those two colours to play with after i watch the vid again to see which ones they were ....gotto love PURPLE....lol

right now i love my turquoise and black cherry


i would have to say my favorite glimmery color combo right now is patina with old lace especially on projects that need an antique feel to them i love how it looks on dictionary pages ages them perfectly thanks! i also love these colors on my beachy layouts and mini albums!

Evelyn Valencia

I enjoyed your show last night. Everything looked so beautiful... from the diecuts to the TA paper. My favorite color combo is the Patina and the Aspen yellow.

Martha Richardson

Right now I'm loving the Fall colors & my fav. combo is granite, apple & autumn nights...very mysterious

Mauze Jones

What a fun show :D The cards you showed are AMAZING! Guess I have to try to make them myself. Thank you for your inspiration!
Oh, and my favorite combos in general are red and brownish colors together, esp. tattered leather and candy apple. Wonderful!

Vicky Pagnaer

Love Pearl, Mustard Seed and Moonlight... What a great giveaway!

Gunn Mandal

Thanks for a super great show tonight. I got so inspired. I will really have a try on this as soon as I am finished with re-decorating and painting my craft room.
I played with backgrounds and did use Black magic and Viva Pink together and topped it with some iridesent Gold, that was awesome, I loved that combination. I tried a lot of combinations, I also love the candlelight with Viva Pink, great combination and if I add some Turquoise I really get it to pop. I got kind of the warme autum colors then, wich I love.
I can`t hardly wait until these new product realeses, just to bad it take such a long time before we get them here in Norway. :-)


My current glimmery color combo is coffee shop & red velvet...I also love the coffee shop mixed with the electric blue!:)


My favorite color combo is the turquoise blue and coffee shop. Although it is hard to pick just two.

Alexandrea Hughes

My ABSOLUTE favourite glimmer combo is Turquoise and Key Lime Pie.


Hey Heidi! Love the dancing!! I cant really say I have a favorite combo bcuz they are all fabulous, but I have been putting the Chandelier Glam on EVERYTHING in site LOL!! Seriously this stuff is adictive!

Lynn McNally

Well...I am so new to all of the glimmer & glam. so no favs ae of yet, but I have about 10 bottles of mist and I will be playing with them today at my weekly scrapbooking group.
I hope I win!!! :-) thank for a fun show! I loved it!!!
[email protected]

Ruth Beckett

Heidi and Rachel, that is hard as i love, love, love color combos... one i really like to use is electric blue, sunflower, and pink bubblegum.. so bright, soft and shimmery all at the same time...
Loved the show last night and congrats to you for keeping your cool..you are awesome. and love the sharing of your family life..

Terra Sovinsky

It is so hard to pick a favorite combo but I really love the tutti fruity and sunshine together they were beautiful on Janet's card. Thanks for the amazing giveaway.

Dawn Hetrick

I love them all, but turquoise blue is my fave!!! Hey we are here in your town, going to Spark it up with Rhonna and Janet!!! Can't wait!


Wow! New to the show & blog but I fell in love with Tattered Angels as soon as I saw it. If I had to pick, I guess I would go by the prunny mash of colors on my fingertips. Which is Riptide and Haunted Shadow. The gold glimmer really makes a dramatic look! Thanks for the awesome tips. I'll be back for more!


i am a P*I*N*K girl...so i love to mix them up & see what "new" pink i get!

they all are yummy!
thanks for the chance to win...

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