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Susan Dodge

Lady Gaga


In the event you are a Glee fan, Sue Sylvester from Glee would be an awesome costume!

Jen McCabe



I think you should be Mother Nature. You could be covered with really cute fabric flowers, maybe some die cut leaves. All this over a loose flowing dress or skirt and top. Maybe a long flowing blonde wig and some bling. So many ways you could go with this idea.


How about the Peabody family...Mr. & Mrs. Peabody and little Peabody children?????

Mauze Jones

Maybe an ice princess? With lots of sparkling and pink or turquoise or blue. :)

Anna Vaschina

Samantha from Bewitched...you know, cute dress, pretty apron and the broom? ....Might inspire Eric to change his phone picture? :)

Rae Barthel

Definitely Lady Gaga!!! With your creative talent you can easily duplicate one of her 'interesting' outfits ;)

Christy Conrady Cross

I saw the cutest costume the other day. Took a box and painted it to look like a nightstand with drawers and drawer handles on the front. Made a hole in the sides for your arms and a hole in the top for your head. You then put a lampshade on your head so you look like a lamp on the nightstand. It was really cute and inexpensive.

Amy Stuart

I think you should dress up like the 'sassy' house of 3 girl, complete with a pink treat tower like the one you made look 'halloweenish', but do this one pink and glitter and a little black....


I think the family should be the Von Trapp family from The Sound of Music! Wouldn't that be fun????


We love LOVE halloween here & my son wants to beetlejuice, & so were thinking of being the charater's from the film too??


How about a New Jersey Housewife...complete with accent and attitude??

Kristine Camillone

so many great ideas ladies! I love the idea of the whole family dressing up together ..the whole crew could dress up as the cast of the Wizard of Oz.


Heidi....how about a Sonic drink...I know how much you miss your Sonic drinks....and you can bling it up like you did with the ladies in Houston :-) Though I think the interpretation of the House of 3 girl idea rocks....


How about Abby from NCIS? Or Flo from the Progressive Commercial, or take a huge clear trash bag, cut two holes in it for your feet, fill it with multicolored balloons and be a bag of Skittles or M&M's. Tie the opening around your neck. Cut the words out of vinyl with your silhouette and stick it to the front of the bag. Now try to fit behind the wheel of your car in that getup.


How about Cruella Da Ville? (sp?) That could be fun! (use sprays meant for HAIR and not TA in this case Heidi! LOL)
Mother Nature would make a great costume to use your supplies on. :)
I'll keep thinking on this...it's still early here. LOL


I always think a Witch is a good idea but my 2nd choice would be CHER



Hmmmm I think you should be Mr. Bazzill!! LOL!!


A Glimmer Mist Queen.


I think that you and the fam should be the character's from Toy Story 3. You and Eric could be Barbie and Ken or Woody and Jessie. The kids could be Buzz, Rex, Hamm, Andy or Mr. and Mrs Potato Head or possibly toy soldiers. Cute, Cute!! :)


You totally should be Mrs. Peabody! He needs someone to love, too!


Snooki from Jersey Shore. I would love to see you with the black poofy wig!


How about a cave girl and the whole family could participate?

Jill C

Snow White, her Prince and the "five" dwarfs...well....you'd need two more for seven, so let's just do five!

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