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Mary Toth

TIGGER !! you are bouncy fun!!!
mary t


I hope this isn't to cheesy but a favorite painting. Create this scene where they can see your face popping through a famous painting. It could be created with foamcore. I think it could be cool. ;D


Heidi I think it would be fun for you to be one of those roller derby girls!! You would make a great one!! You could make a neat t-shirt (team shirt) Then you could use glimmer mist to decorate it up. Then wear some of the neat jewelry and the roller skates, and a cute head band/flowers and your ready to roll!! Thanks for the chance to win!! =)

Vicki Wright

be yourselves -- only exaggerated...far out Sk8brdr, princess, HeidiPrincess, Daddy-0, cute kid...!

Melissa Shontz

Heidi you would make a beautiful ghostly Prom Queen in one of those big frilly pink old bridesmaid gowns and a satin sash across with your title. Don't forget the black roses for your corsage and in your hair. I would go with fishnet stockings and sparkly sandals, maybe a white rabbit fur cape if it's cold. Junque it up, a few tears here and there and some phantom nights GM ought to get the look.
Whatever you be will be original and entertaining just like you. (it's true, but ok I really do want to win the prize too) Happy Halloween and thanks for the best show yet!!


I think yo should a dress form......Ana

Lindzie Head

I was going to say the Peabody skeleton family...but I think someone already suggested that! :) I hope you get some awesome ideas!

Candi Ladwig

Tinkerbell!! You would be so cute! My girls are watching the Great Fairy Rescue and you could totally pull her off!!

{I went as you 3 years ago!! hehehe}


How about Goldilocks and have three of the children be the bears. Or maybe you could coax Rhonna into being one of the bears...


You should be Martha Stewart! She's crafty and always makes a big deal out of Halloween. You have the same colour hair.....

Kimberly Snell

if you have a group of four the Flinstones are a cute idea, two guys & two girls!!! saturday night live cheerleaders would be fun too - you and your husband could do that... hopefully you have seen their skits :)


what about Glinda or Elpheba from Wicked???? both are gorgeous women and would be fun characters!!!!! have a fun all hallows eve!!!

Brenda Lubrant

In think you should dress like Raggedy Ann. You could wear red mop hair, cute little dress with an apron and rosey red cheeks. You would look so cute!!

Charlene McWilliams

Bella from the Twilight series.

Kimberly Marcus

There are a ton of great ideas, but I don't see Cleopatra. You would be a great Cleopatra, you could bling her out and have the family go as her guards.


A Tattered Angel with all the glimmer mist & glam you could possibly spray!!!!

Andrea Reynolds

I agree with someone else who said Sue Silvester from Glee. You would be awesome!

Karen H

In honor of the Parisian Anthology line,
Marie Antoinette or Josephine. Think of the
ruffles,flowers,crystals,and jewelry. Just
"Let them eat cake" on a pretty cake stand.

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