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A garden gnome!

Karalyn Burnside

How about Wilma from the Flinstones?

Tina Shepherd

The headless horseman and Katrina Van Tassel from the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Just put the image of Eric's face on a pumpkin and he can carry it under his arms. Maybe a broom pony for him to ride and a jacket pulled over his head. Add a few cobwebs and he's good to go. You could wear tassells on your hat...and a nice long dress...good luck!


Lady Gaga is my first thought....she has some very interesting outfits...very Halloween-y!!

cheri parrriera

How about you could be Flo the progressive insurance lady and Eric could be Vince the Shamwow guy. I think it would be really cute. That's what my husband and I are doing this year :)


A couple ideas...The Brady Bunch (have to find 1 more) and get some funky 70s clothes or Gilligan's Island. Can you tell what shows I grew up watching?! Or I've seen a lot of Alice in Wonderland costumes that are cute and I love the costume for the Mad Hatter.

Sandy Wiley

i think the full nun outfits are a hoot like whoopi did.

cheri parrriera

I have another one that would be cute. I saw a box of crayola crayons costume and different colors of crayon costumes the other day. You or Eric could be the box and the kids could be all different crayons. Or one of you could get a big pad of paper and make shoulder straps and be a big paper pad.


Thought of a way to "add" extra person for the Brady Bunch...make a cardboard cutout and carry it or attach it to someone.

cheri parrriera

How about make a 2 big credit cards and put shoulder straps on it. Wear some tights and heels. You could carry some different shopping bags on each arm. Another idea is make each one of the kids a different stores shopping bag


With your perky little attitiude you'd make a perfect Betty Boop...she is glamorous and fun all at the same time!


With your perky little attitiude you'd make a perfect Betty Boop...she is glamorous and fun all at the same time!

Dejah Whetten

A pirate!! Thinkk of all the bling your could wear.

Summer Braxton

Tinkerbell!!!! You look like her and have the cute pixie cut to go with the costume :)


i love halloween and have had some wonderful costumes that i have made from scratch...some of my favorites are Dracula, Carmen Miranda. One that I have been wanting to do that would be fun for you: a dirty clothes basket. This was cute, just fit a plastic laundry basket over you with shoulder straps and add laundry! This is a great one too: a tornado - tease your hair and put mini plastic items in your hair and use black trash bag with like items attached.

Elisha Wiggins

How about Kate Gosselin? I went to a party as her last year and I even have the awesome hair wig!


I think you should be Mrs. Peabody with the whole Peabody family. :-) I loved all your creative Halloween projects and ideas. Thanks for the chance to win.


How about the Incredibles?

Teresa Kay

I see a couple of my ideas have been taken so... how about Bella from Twilight..Or Julia Childs...


I think the Alice in Wonderland theme is a great idea. You could be the "Queen of Hearts", Eric the Mad Hatter and the kids could choose other characters from the story. Quincy would be soooo cute as Alice and the older boys as Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. Loved the look of the new version with Johnny Depp. Sort of creepy, scary while still family friendly.

Angelica St Laurent

I think that you should be a scarecrow, its fun and you can be goofy for the night. :)


I totally think you should go as a football player and Eric should be a cheerleader, or the other way around!! Can't wait to hear about CE. I have already started saving my pennies !!



i think you would make a super duper cute PIPI LONGSTOCKINGS :)

Carrie P

Thanks for the fun inspiring show!
My first thought was a tooth fairy all pink, glittery and blingey with a poofey tulle skirt and of course a wand with lots of sparkle. But then I remembered the photo from last year.... since you sparkle all year long maybe you want a day on the dark side.

Michelle Ellis Leingang

Can you be a blinged out ruffle? Crepe ruffles all over with sparkles? How about a Lolli or banner somehow? Lastly how about Mrs. Peabody? All would be cute!

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