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Anna-Lena Blomkvist

I love to walking around in Stockholm/Sweden with my camera. I lived there for almost 4 years and the city newer stoped surpricing me with it´s beauty.

My choice of City Strap in Vancouver, i relly loved that one.
Lots of love from Sweden :-)
/Anna-Lena Blomkvist

alicia king

I'd loVe to revisit London again or anywhere in Italy with The cute 'Chicago' strap!

Alison Sutton

I love taking my camera out to my home city of Norwich here in the UK, you always see something different. All the straps are lovely but love the colours of Chantilly.

Charlene McWilliams

I had a layover in Munich once and really wish I'd had my camera with a Newport strap!

Vicky Pagnaer

I had great fun photographing Lisbon... We went there for six days (which is a very long city trip, admittedly) and we saw loads of things and I still feel I can discover much more there. Plus - the city is just beautiful, lots of small tiled streets, decorated houses, angled views...

Lydia Wiley

Chicago is my favorite city to photograph. I just love that city! So of course the strap I'd love to have is Chicago. I am getting a new camera next week and would just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win one of these straps! I'm crossing all my fingers and toes for a win! : )


I love to take pictures in Bangkok,I visited this city last summer and I need to go back once more !!!....so much to see !
I would love to carry the Houston-strap around my neck ;-)

Emma Tandy Nicholls

I love all the straps by i think the chantilly stands out the most to me I just love taking photographs of Dubai so many different people old and new town and desert it's just fantastic and I also love taking photo's of London my home city There's always something fantastic to look at.

Vera Blaz

I love to take pictures in Seattle. Mosey on over to alki beach and take a picture of the city skyline. sigh... it's been a while. the dallas strap is rockin'.

Randi Dukes

One of my favorite cities is San Francisco. I love the Newport strap - the colors are great!

Mellinda Effendy

Ah my favourite city to photograph? Beautiful Sydney Harbour of course. Our magnificent Opera House perched on the shores of the spectacular harbour complimented by our amazing harbour bridge. It doesn't get much better than that! I love the 'Chicago' strap

Gina Janoher

My favorite place is Isola di Sant Antioco, Sardegna Italy. It is a tiny island wich belongs to sardegna, love the light over there and the colors if you are curious there are some pics on my blog. I love the houston and chantilly.

Molly Faircloth

Wow - I would have to say that my favorite city to photograph was Pienza, Italy. In the states, it would be Boston...and I love that Tucson strap!

Rebecca Swisher

My favorite place to photograph would truly be a little town on Lake Erie called Madison. My most memorable photographs are of our family with the backdrop of gorgeous sunsets where the blistering orange and pink sky meets cool tranquil water. The way it lights up the face is spectacular.

Holly Dunham

I would love to go back to London. I didn't know nearly as much about photography the last time I was there as I do now! Would also love to photograph my daughter in Italy!!! And that Hartford strap, well, it's to die for:)

Sarah Coday

Well, I have never been lucky enough to go overseas, but my favorite here in the US is a photo from right at home, in Tulsa OK. It's a photo of my husband and I sitting on a bridge with the sun setting on the buildings and the city behind us. I Love the straps but my favorite is Chantilly.


so much to point your camera at~including people "watching"
luRve the houston strap!

Wendy Fitzpatrick

I've never been overseas either. I would have to say some of my favorite photos were taken in Washington DC. The camera straps are gorgeous and fun! I would to have the Powell!

Regina Seeger

Oh how cute are these. My favorite city I ever photographed was Dublin, Ireland. There was such a great mix of old world meet new. Just fabulous. Thanks for the chance to win....and I would love any of the straps. They are oh so cool.



Being a midwestern girl who hasn't traveled as much as I'd like, I haven't photographed any noteworthy cities. I would LOVE to visit & photograph Vienna, Austria someday. Especially if my camera was wearing the Chantilly strap... though they're all luscious!


Kathy Shiloh

Paris, France has to be my most favorite place to photograph - partly because the coffee there is to die for. All these camera straps are just darling but the Houston strap is my favorite!

Account Deleted

i loved photo graphing Paris, it's just sooo Parisian! I had such a hard time choosing a strap they are all super duper cute!! I even love their logo! If I won I think I' pick the vancouver strap, love the city and the strap!


my favorite city city to photograph would be Charlotte, NC..maybe I'm partial to it because I live here but the skyline is absolutely beautiful early in the morning

I love the chantilly strap as well..so cute and would certainly be a welcome chnage to the drab old icky black strap I have now !

Giny Cortes-Rosario

Just this past week I visited Utah from Puerto Rico and I would have to say I really enjoyed taking pictures of the beautiful mountains and natural beauty of this unique state. Thanks for the great giveaway, I would love to win the Chantilly CityStrap for my new camera! -g
PS- Loved the show last night! I just finished downloading my Phantom Phone Wall Paper and it's SUPER cool! Also, It was a pleasure meeting you last weekend @ Los Hermanos Restaurant even thought it was just for a second! (*when my husband and I walked in to meet Nancy) Spark was incredible and I hope that in the future I will get a chance to take a class with you! ;)

Sharon Margiotta

Wow there are alot of world travelers commenting!! I love to photograph Jerome, AZ and the surrounding area. You've got beautiful mountain scenery, the ability to see the seasons, old buildings and antiques and art ... I think I would really enjoy Powell .. thanks!

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