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Well, I haven't gotten out much, but I would love to photograph the architecture of Paris.


I love to photograph wherever I am! My favorite is Seattle. The vacations before kids, with kids, and thoughts of someday moving there makes all the pictures the best. Your straps are awesome, I would love any of them!

Bettyann Waller

I love to be able to take pictures of the canadian maritimes...love the vancouver strap...thanks for the giveaways


Hello and Thank you for such an offer to win such a groovy camera strap.
I live here in Australia and love to photograph everything and everyone, I have taken some lovely coastal shots, as well as inland.. To which I love, but I do have a soft spot for a town in England being Hull, a beautiful old fishing town, wonderful cobble roads and old now run down sheds on the dock..yes Hull is my choice.x In regards to the strap, I love them all so I will leave it up to you guys to pick if Im lucky enough to win xx

Lisa x


My favorite city to photograph is Laupahoehoe, Hawaii. I would love to win the Chantilly camera strap. Thanks for an opportunity to win!
Aloha, Kate


I'd love to go back to Heidelberg Germany and shoot with my new Nikon. The Dallas strap is my fav!


I love to photograph the Northern Oregon Coast town of Manzanita!

Newport was my fave!

Jen Seidel

I would absolutely love to photograph any city or country in Europe! That would be an absolute dream come true.
I love photographing the mountains and the nature around where I live here in Anchorage Alaska. Its beautiful no matter the season.
The straps are beautiful! I love chantilly! So fancy!


Going to Costa Rica and would love to have a cool camera strap.....planning on photographing as much nature as i possibly can!
thank you so much

Holly Sloat

I would love to photograph France...a whole summer just bumming around France with my daughter...no plans just lots of fun and photos!
I'd love to win the Baltimore strap-thanks for the chance to win!

Jan Metcalf

Madison Wi has a great water skyline with the state capitol or on the other side of the isthmus a water skyline of the university, biking trails, change of seasons, from frosty panes to sunlight waters!

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