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Whitney Seeman

I love these camera straps! I think my favorite city would be Seattle....I think it is beautiful and the NW is home, I miss it so much! :)

Ruth Beckett

oh, it is a tossup between Rome and Paris in Europe and i love to photo our small town, which has the prettiest maple trees. people come from miles around in the fall to enjoy our Maple Leaf Festival... i love the camera strap with the yummy turquoise.. Thanks!!


Oh boy, I don't think I've found a city I don't like taking photos of. If I had to choose one, I would pick my home town. I know it so well. Chantilly is my favorite with Tuscon being my second favorite. Very creative straps!!

Pam Cook

Melbourne VIC - I thought I took more pictures when I was there! Plus my granddaughter is there (with her parents!). Or maybe NYC - my son lives there. Either one would be perfect! I think I need that zebra striped camera strap - or the polka-dot one with the gorgeous turquoise. They're all pretty fantastic!

Marcia Butler

I love to photograph NYC - so of course my City Strap would have to be NYC!


I love to photograph Paris from simple to magnificent. My favorite strap is Chantilly!


Well I love the "chantilly" strap and I'd love to take it back to any of the cities that I have lived only this time I'd take my DH with me to share the joy of it all. We'd start off in Panama City, Panama, then off to Vicenza, Italy followed by Taipei, Taiwan and end up at my birthplace, Ethiopia, East Africa...guess we'd be gone a while ;)

Stefani Meyer

I haven't been a TON of places, but without a doubt my favorite city to photograph is San Francisco! In fact I'm going there tomorrow to do that very thing! YAY!

As for which strap, just judging from the photograph above I'd choose the one on the far right. The black and white with the black fringe ;D


Love LOVE those camera straps. My favorite city to photograph would have to be my hometown of Tuscaloosa, AL. Such a rich history here with the University of Alabama and all of its beautiful buildings and the original spaces downtown. Just love it. Always finding something new to shoot.

Talia Audenart

Ooo...i LOVE to photograph NYC...so amnay amazing places there! and the strap i love? hmmm...it's a toss up between tucson and chicago...i can't decide which one i love more, they are all soooooo fabulous!! xoxo Tal


Currently my favorite city to photograph is Sedona, AZ. I'm amazed how completely different the red rocks appear from one day to the next!

All of the straps are GORGEOUS... but I would have to say the Chantilly strap is my favorite!



Chantilly was my favourite. I love to take pictures wherever we travel, which isn't always to cities. Disneyland was fun - I did alot of the buildings and rides to remind us of the surroundings we loved.


Gosh, most people have been to some very nice places! I would SO love to win one of these camera straps!. I'm going on a European Cruise in October, and I'll be photographing Rome, Pisa, Monte Carlo, several beautiful Spanish cities with their Moorish-influenced architecture. Then onto Portugal and across the Atlantic to the Bahamas before finishing up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Karen Firstbrook

I think some of my favorite pictures have come from Beijing!


Paris, definitely!! Greatest city in the world. My camera would really love to have the Dallas strap on it. And so would I!


LOVE the Chantilly strap - sooo cute!!
I haven't been to a ton a really big cities but Toronto is amazing - so many interesting landmarks and little shops and nooks and crannies to capture but my favourite spot, hands down, is still Cavendish, Prince Edward Island :)


I would love to have that chantilly strap (although they are all gorgeous!) to take back to Boston! It is the most amazing city to photograph...lots of beautiful cemetaries and historical buildings juxtaposed with brand new, shiny bank buildings!

Renee' Smith

Well so far I'd say Washington D.C., but I'm leaving for Paris in a month and I'm pretty sure that will take the top spot :) I LOVE the Chantilly strap...it would go great in Paris :) Thanks for the giveaway!


I would love the Tucson strap. Grey and yellow makes me happy. My favorite city so far is San Francisco. I love the textures and the colors. Not to mention the colorful people.

St├ęphanie Pouliot

For me it's also Italy - Sain Angelo in Pontano - where my sister lives since 5 years now. I had the chance to visit her this past May and I was in ahhhh all the 8 days that I was there and wish to go back soon!

Maridette Cachola

Since I don't get to travel much due to financial reasons... I do get to live close to a beautiful city. Everytime I go I find beautiful one of a kind places that make San Francisco unique and adds to its character.
San Francisco is my favorite places to photograph. I would love to sport one of these cute camera straps is Hartford. So loving the ruffles. Never thought I'd love ruffles again since the 80's. Haha!


This Sunday I will have a chance to photograph some beautiful places that I have only seen in books: Munich, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome... I am leaving on my annual out-of-the-country trip to visit a family member in Germany for 3 wks! I cannot wait, and would love to have the Chicago Strap join in on all the fun:)
Thanks for sharing these goodies.

Huyen Lindsey

Strap Chantilly cause I've been to Chantilly, France where we visited the palace and took lots of wonderful pictures of the landscapes & architecture! Love the old world!

Cassaundra Lala

My favorite city to photograph is a toss up between Moscow and St Petersburg. Russian churches have amazing architecture and color. LOVED, loved trying to capture their essence in photos. All the straps are cute, but I think the Chicago is my fav.

Thanks for the giveaway!


Boston! It is so full of old and new all thrown together and the juxtaposition is fabulous!

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