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I got the chocolate mix from Costco. The Milky-Ways will get "lost" on the way to the door, but I go chocolate all the way!! Wonderful show as always Heidi & Co.! Thank you.


I bought Halloween colored microwave popcorn and large chocolate bars from Costco since I don't get a whole pile of trick or treaters. Thanks so much Heidi!


Mini tootsie roll lollipops! Hand fulls of them. Their much easier to eat than the larger classic and you can eat more with less guilt. Right??! Happy Halloween Treating everyone!!

Linda King

We're giving out Wax Lips, it's not a true Halloween until you've taken the family picture with those waxy delights!!!

Linda King

Thanks again for a great show!!!

Jen McCabe

I am gonna give out a whole assortment anything you can think of and some non candy items such as stickers and pencils... Caught the end of the show, loved it! Would love the kit ;-)

Mandy Blake

well we dont really do Halloween here in New Zealand...but my favourite lollies (candies) are Pineapple Lumps...a very New Zealand treat!!! mmmmm
**off to find some lollies**

thanks for a fun giveaway!!

Account Deleted

Looks like it'll be Twix here. Love all the techniques!

Maxine Brittain

I loved the show tonight. I always love when you work with the glimmer mist. I need to win that kit before I have to go buy it. I just spent $80 on glimmer mist last week! LOL I guess I have to have all the colors. Thanks again for the Show. As for halloween candy.....I like the bits of honey chews.

Kaz Taz

Australia have been slow starting to celebrate Halloween. Not many trick-or-treaters have caught on yet, but I have Milky-way mini bars wrapped in Halloween print paper at the ready.


I love the Tootsie Roll package where the suckers have the Tootsie roll centre. We also have these adorable card games to hand out from Costco with Disney characters on them :)
Love the kit!!!

Elisa Soto

I will be passing out twix, kit kats, and reeses, along with some seasonal silly bands. Happy Halloween! And Thanks for the opportunity!!!

Cheryl Ting

We are giving out reeses, heath bars, whoppers, almond joys and chips. We can't wait to see all those cute kids! The babies are so adorable!


We always hand out cans of pop and chocolate bars. I always try to find cool, funky new candy but the cans of pop always leave the trick-or-treaters saying "Sweet! We got pop from that house!!!" (yes, I'm Canadian, haha!)

Sue Bone

I get packs of mini mars bars and mini milky ways.


Oh Butterfingers are definitely the candy bar for handing out to those adorable trick or treaters.

Jen Seidel

I absolutely love mms and kit kats so those are usually the ones i give out. ;)

Emma Tandy Nicholls

we will be giving out cookies that the kids will be making and wrapping along with little packs of jelly beans


We live in a great kid neighborhood, and hand our probably 400 candies, so we get a variety. Reeses, Almond Joy, Snickers (my fav.), Butterfingers, ;you name it! As long as you are in costume, doesn't matter how old, you get candy at our house.

Anna Vaschina

We don't do Halloween in Australia, but if we did I'd give out black cat lollies (candies) that are so yum with an aniseed flavour.

Molly Morris

A burst of flavor in your mouth... pink and grape boxes of Nerds! Just takes me back 20 plus years, love them!!


I so love this kit but always need to watch the show the next day too late on the East Coast for me to stay up and go to work : ( But for Halloween I make chocolate covered pretzels the big sticks, put them in cellophane bags with a cute little Halloween topper. On a second note I did think about giving out glimmer mist hmmm my sis will stop by with the kiddos maybe I will try it out on her! Happy Haunting!


I would love to win this kit, especially the papers and new GM colors. My all time favorite it snickers and I do give them out, I just buy extra!

Thanks, Cilla Anderson


This kit looks really cool! I usually give out whatever's on sale on Halloween since we have a ton of TorTers. I think this year we have Skittles, Smarties, and Lifesave Gummies. :)


This is Christy - not sure if it's getting my info but I posted the above comment. :)

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