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Account Deleted

Cool giveaway! I would be giving out chocolate coins and jelly candies this Halloween.

Thanks for the chance to win.

Linda Henley McCoy

I plan to give out prepackaged pretzels.

Laura Stewart

we are giving out pretzels and vampire teeth!

Elisha Wiggins

I am giving out fruity candy because I can't resist the chocolate ones!


Hi Annette, Vickie's mom from Texas here :) We give out sweet tarts and skittles. I don't really care for them and if I get the good stuff, butterfingers, Reese cuts I eat them. My hips just can't stand any extra goodies. That is what we give for Halloween, unless I get carried away and make popcorn balls. Have a good one.


Yum...my favorite time of the year. I do spider suckers and chocolate dipped oreos for my family and whatever chocolate bag mix is on sale at the store for the others...(and like most of us my favs somehow do not make it in...eg. dark chocolate anything!)


Unfortunately, I live in the boonies, and the only trick or treaters we get our, our kids :) This weekend, I spend time in Santa Cruz (for my 35th bday) and we ussed a sizzix machine to make some adorable candy holders with fun Halloween papers and GLITTER MIST! I will be stuffing theses boxes for my coworkers with milk duds (my favorite), swedish fish (my son's favorite, and skittles (daughter's favorite). Thank you for this awesome oppurtunity!! Kristen from Alta, California


My kids love the twix candy, that's what they picked out to give. I also picked some blow pops. Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Halloween

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