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Alexes Martinez

The first comment... yay!! Anyways, I hope I win a spot in your class!! and I've never used glimmer mists so I will finally be able to try one if I win!


I adore the Vintage Pink...I think I'm on my 3rd bottle...;)
Thank you so so much for the chance to win!!!


I would love a spot in your class. I think Key Lime Pie is one of my favorite Glimmer Mist colors at the moment, but it could change.


Not sure which color is my favorite. Maybe the golden one.

Sherry DiPaolo

I would love to win a spot. My fav glimmer mist is dragonfly. It is so bright and bold. I just love it,!!

Kaz Taz

Fav glimmer mist is dragonfly, but cant live without the chandelier glam! :)


Wow, this class sounds awesome! I think I'd have to bust out some Cherub Pink Glimmer Mist!

Mary Toth

my fave color is riptide! love it.. good luck heidi with everything!
mary t

Melissa Zeli

Just started using glimmer mist. Love the coffee shop. Looking forward to trying out some new colors.

Ashley Meredith

I love all sorts of colors! I think I like coffee the best right now! Thanks for the chance to win!

Lisa Henderson

I love graphite! I love it on its own, and I love layering it! :)

Gunn Mandal

I would love to win a spot in your class, that would be so fun because I love hybrid.
My favorite glimmer mist, or the one I use the most is Iridesent Gold, because that color is so great on top of other colors to get them blend well together. But for bright colors I love Viva Pink. And it is difficult to choose, because I like all the colors I have...

Karen Waldo

I love dragonfly glimmer mist, and would enjoy a spot in your class!

Rachel Howells

Love what you've done in the video, would love to win a spot!

Deborah Saaranen

My favorite Glimmer Mist color is Sugar Maple!

I must tell you that I just found your videos while I was laid up after foot surgery...what a delight! I've viewed most all of them...so inspirational! After viewing your hybrid designs, I was led to sign up to take beginners class with Jessica.

Needless to say, I would LOVE a spot in your Mouse, Paper, Scissors, MOM class...

Thanks so much for the opportunity to win, as well as the wonderful videos that I will continue to look forward to seeing!

Sharon Margiotta

Been eyeing this class ...

Wishing you the best on your step into your new future ... you always land on your feet ... and you will again!


Titti Fruti all the way. Love the little sneak peek! Yay good to see you behind the camera again!!!!!!


WOW!I just finished watching the video over of the book we would make, love it! My favorite color of glimmer mist is "Vintage PInk!"

Tina Johnson

I've taken a live class with Jessica and she is amazing. I would love another chance to learn from her! my fav glimmer mist is definitely Vintage Pink!! Can't scrap without it!

Suz Gray

I took your first class & loved it hope to win a spot in this one since my budget will not allow another class right now.....

I find myself going thru Patina the most love the soft turquoise color


I WISH I had a favorite Glimmer Mist color...I don't own a single one! I'm going to check out your favorite Trunk Bay and maybe buy and try it?!

Charmayne Bowling

I would love to take this class. I would love to learn how to use my photoshop finally. Thanks for the opportunity.

Dawn Hetrick

I'm so sad about House of 3... I can never pick a favorite glimmer mist because I LOVE all the colors!!! So much fun!! Thanks for the chance to win.


My favorite at the moment would be Firefly, chalkboard glimmer mist. It is the perfect yellow! Glimmer mist is just cheerful, just sayin'


I love the new TA Soiree GM!!!! The colors are so vibrant and fun. I especially love how the colors coordinate with the Hof3/PP Soiree collection. So much fun to play with.

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