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Leslie McLaughlin

I love her necklaces. I would give this necklace to my 21 year old daughter who is having self doubts these days. She needs to be reminded she is "worth it".
Thanks for the giveaway! Congrats to the winner!

Lyn Meeker

Well any day is worth it... being a 5 year Breast Cancer Survivor.. you look at each and every day differently... But I think giving is more fun than receiving.. so if my number comes up.. Give it to my dear friend Bree Ross who couldn't make CE this year! (I've got this years pins glued on my tote... and I got one of the coveted "I'd Swapp Heidi" Pins as well!!!)

Heather Redmore

all the paperwork and waitng will be worth it, when we bring our daughter home from ethiopia!


Being a mom and surviving the hard days, challenging moments, class pets...they are all worth it bc the good far outweighs the struggles.


Who knew that being a grandmother to a boy would be all about bugs, sweat, and dirt? But sooooo worth it!!!


For me the boring mundane life of living, getting kids to school, cleaning, cooking normal chaoas of life is worth it today, you see a friend is in hospital having a bone marrow transplant and I am sure she wishes she had the everyday life, we sometimes all take for granted.

Brenda Magliacane

All the moments that make up our day-that is "worth it" oh and reading your blog that is "worth it" I can always come here for inspiration!

Danee Kaplan

I always want to leave comments and never can…so thanks for allowing comments for today. Beautiful jewelry for sure. What is "worth it"? Stopping what I am doing and taking the time to really listen to what your kids are saying is worth it. They are so profound sometimes and it can be easy to miss while checking Facebook or sending one short text.


It is SO worth it to take the time to scrapbook and document the events and even the every day things in our life! hugs, Margie

Kimberly Kalil

My kids are worth it. They bring me so much joy.

Thsnks for the chance to win.

Brenda Lubrant

Enjoying each day that God gives us is worth it.

Michelle Aguilar

today and each and every day before I get up @ 5am to cook my Juan and only's lunch, each and every day but Sunday, I say out loud, "thank you Lord for allowing me to get up today", to be me. to be what he calls me to be in the world, just being happy, making someone else's life better today. Rising above, when society tries me knock me down, being a strong advocate for my son Andrew, being a very supportive mom to my gifted son Jesus, being there for my dramatic daughter, and know that she is taking the best care of my precious grandson, Cooper ryan.
That is what living means to me today, and that my friend, makes it all, "worth it". Yippee!!!!! :)

Elizabeth Guerra

What a great reminder to always have! I would love to win this!

Colleen Teaf

What fun! My kids are worth every step of life!

Linda Rivera

that sounds like such an amazing experience. to be in one place with so many wonderful women of the craft. to be inspired by everything you see and hear. it must be like a mojo explosion. that is an enviable thing, but i won't hate on ya! lol. because like all crafters you bring that inspiration back and share with the likes of me and others. one day. one day i will be able to do that. i hope :) oh your friends jewelry rocks. love those dog tag like charms.

Heidi Ratliff

Aren't those buttons the best! sadly, I lost the ones from this year :(
But i do have the ones from the past to love!

And what's worth it to me...my family, my husband, children, parents, siblings, they are worth every day.


I have a couple of Liz's necklaces and absolutely love them!

What is worth it to me.... Watching my kids learn from their actions without me having to tell them what they should have learned. They grow up so fast but it is good to know that my husband and I have guided them down the right path


I just celebrated my 15th wedding anniversary
(thanks for the chance--I love all the jewelry)


Cori Jepsen

Living is so worth it.

..In the past few months cancer has come to my family...one being in their 40's and one being just 16.

It makes me so thankful for my sometimes boring life because my life and living is so worth it.

Lisa Hampton

Getting ready to turn 50 and 10 year wedding anniversay!! SO worth it! Thanks for the opportunity to win!! Love the LizEaton collection! Peace Lisa


It's worth it - getting out at 6:30 this morning to get my 3 boys to their football practices - in a few years I won't have that, so it's worth it times 10!!

Elisha Wiggins

This is kind of personal...but I lost a pregnancy at 14 weeks earlier this year and now I am expecting again and feeling the effects of morning sickness again. I know that it's a blessing that I have the opportunity to try again and even though I feel awful I keep telling myself "it's worth it!".

Melissa Fascenelli Papke

Every minute of every day is worth it, but those special moments like when my husband makes me giggle (and that happens a lot) or when my new puppy, who is normally very quiet, sees his reflection in something and starts barking at it, are what make life really living and totally worth it!


What a beautiful necklace. Liz makes beautiful jewelry. You have to make everyday "worth it".
Crystal McConnell

Holly Sloat

Today what is "worth it" would be my husband who works tirelessly for our family to have what we want and need. Love him for that.

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