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Hi Heidi and thanks for the fun necklace give-away!
The emotional stress of taking care of my precious, aging dogs is so "worth it" considering the many years of fun, love, and friendship they've blessed me with!

Renee' Smith

Working out every day is worth it! I feel so much better and I'm down three sizes! :) Thanks for another great giveaway!

Glee Stormont

Every moment is "worth it". The big the small the sad the happy. And each one only comes around once in this lifetime. Celebrate them all.

Kimberly Fusselman

TODAY is worth it. You just never realize how valuable each day is until you face the harsh reality that you may not have another day after this one.

TODAY, I looked down at a white piece of paper that had these words written on it: "Pelvic ultrasound. Reason for exam: pelvic pain, R/O mass." Rule out mass. Not such a good word really. I guess it's a good thing to rule it out. As I laid on the stretcher, listening to the ultrasonographer take picture after picture, I wondered what tomorrow will look like if today ends on a less-than-happy note. But you know what? I'm still in TODAY.

So I will make TODAY completely worth it. And then tomorrow, no matter what it looks like, I will make that TODAY worth it too.

Kathy Northup

today was so worth it.......after purchasing a patio chair and loading it into our truck, and driving down the interstate, the chair blew out onto the interstate! i was able to drag the box out of the lanes and onto the shoulder....when a man walked down from a off ramp and lifted the 55lb box into the truck! he was so WORTH IT...... and now i shall pay it forward and make someone else fell "worth it" thank you


it's "worth it" staying up all night working as a registered nurse so that i can be home with my two kiddos during the day. Sometimes i am soooo freakin' tired i can't stand it... but it's still worth it!

ViMai Tran

Life, friends, family. But on a more transient note, just spent $300 on an 18 course meal at the #1 restaurant in the US (Alinea). SOOO worth it!


this quiet rainy day is worth it. Just to sit and read a book and spend time with my family.

Crystal Nowak

What is worth it....spending a rainy day (our first rain in many months here in our part of Texas) relaxing at home with my husband and kids, reading, playing games, cooking, baking and eating. Taking a break from the rest of the world to make our family the priority!


The Liz necklaces make it worth it.


Watching the children play and fall fast asleep while watching "The Wimpy Kid" is so worth it.

Thank you.

Windy Sea

When I see our personal debt level decreasing, I think work is worth it.
WindySea in Gulf Shores, AL

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