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I love to bake cookies & wrap gifts while listening to Michael Buble sing my holiday favorites!

Pam Cook

I love Christmas but this is the first year my husband and I will spend it without our children or grandchildren. Thank goodness for Skype - we'll get to watch each other open gifts even though we're thousands of miles away from each other. We have been reminding each other of last Christmas when we welcomed our first grandson into our family and had our daughter's family here with us. Another thing that's helping is to talk about what we'll do next year when we plan to be together.

Holly Sloat

I am in need of some holly jolly this year...just me and my husband for the holidays, our daughter is not coming home from college this year so we decided we are skipping Christmas this year...no tree, no decor...no presents. I have empty nest syndrome big time. Anyway to get some holly jolly spirit this year the only thing that brings it a little is walking through the stores in the Xmas aisles and watching the little children say "I want that" or "maybe Santa will bring me this", brings me back to when I was a child and wanted everything.
Beautiful charm. I did not know you were designing charms...off to check it out!


Anything associated with Christmas makes me happy, happy, happy!

Candi Ladwig

When the blues hit (and since this is my FAVORITE time of year it doesn't happen often) ...it's more when I get frustrated because every last little detail isn't going as planned... I take one look at the excited of my girls and realize it doesn't matter! They love every bit of this magical holiday!!

Lea Ann Urbach Jacobs

Love the charm. A yummy cup of hot chocolate helps me to get "holly jolly". my new favorite is Starbucks Salted Carmel Hot Chocolate.


I don't know that I've ever gotten the holiday blues....

I do my shopping and decorating early and that way I have plenty of time to sit back, relax and just enjoy
I have a Holly Jolly ole time!

don't know why my name always shows up wierd on your blog

Glee Stormont

Christmas music, chocolate and Zumba class at the beach!! whoo hoo, that's the spirit!!

Lisa Hampton

Love the charm. I purchased for my bestie. Love her and she will love it too. Thanks so much for teaming with bcharmed!!!


No matter what I'm doing, cooking, cleaning, wrapping presents, I turn on my IPod to Christmas Music. I usually give a Christmas present to someone who I know has gotten her children taken care of but can't even think of getting herself something special to wear on Christmas Day.

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